10 Newest Free Live Applications Anti-Banned 18+ 2022

Live streaming applications or live streaming content for adults never seem to lose interest. However, often these applications are blocked or banned very quickly, even though they are only new and have many users. Therefore, fans of similar applications will usually look for live streaming APK no forbidden.

Although it is safe from the ban, so for those who want to play live streaming applications for adults without forbidden are of sufficient age or at least 18 years of age or older. So which live streaming apps can be used freely without having to worry about being banned? Here are the recommendations for 10 free anti-banned live apk 2021:

10 best free live Android and Anti Banned apps

To answer the curiosity about free live apk and bars that have not been banned, both in Indonesia and abroad, such as China, take a look below

1. Sugar Live

Sugar Live is a live streaming application that supports everything related to adults 17+, from everyday life to personal issues.

This app is not currently available on the Google PlayStore, but it can still be downloaded from the official website. With Sugar Live, you can enjoy entertainment from different countries, from Indonesia, Asia, Europe etc.

2. BeLive

For those who use Facebook Live frequently, you may already be familiar with this live streaming app. This application developed by BeLive.tv can be installed on any brand and type of android device. Its size is only 32.06 Mb, so it is very light when used.

This app, which has been downloaded by more than 100 thousand users, has actually been released since 2016. But BeLive, tv often does upgrade in each year. BeLive users can act as guests or hosts. You can also exchange messages when using BeLive. In the meantime, as a host you can receive virtual gifts from their followers while they are alive.

3. Lifting

The next live broadcast application without ban is the Uplive application. This application developed by Asia Innovations HK Limited is ideal for those of you who want to sign up but males to register an account first.

However, it should be noted that this 52.47 Mb application can only be accessed by users aged 21 and over. The advantage of this application is that it has a variety of functions that serve to simplify live streaming and the beauty of the appearance of live broadcasts.

4. LiveMe Pro

LiveMe Pro follows. This unrestricted Android live streaming application was developed by LiveMe Team with a size of 45.56 Mb. This application, which was just updated yesterday on September 14, 2021, is suitable for those of you who want to show talent or train public speaking.

Downloaded by more than 1 million users, this application is equipped with various features. Some of the features in it are Go Live, Watch Live, Live PK, Voice Chat Room, Live Video Chat and Video Call, Live Game Streaming and Rich Sticker and Filter.

This app is also more exciting with the Connect with Friend feature, so you can connect directly with your friends. Or use the Create Groups feature to form a group you want.

5. Gogo Live

No less exciting with other non-ban live video applications. Even using this app you can also save money You know! Become a creator or host and make videos or go live to win how were fans.

This application was developed by Global Live Network, Inc. has a size of only 51.03 Mb. This way it can be installed on any android device without the need for large storage space. How to play this application is very easy and does not differ much from other popular applications.

6. Bigo Live

This application is one of the non-banned live streaming apk with the highest number of downloads, which is about 400 million and is distributed in 150 countries. You can download this app from Bigo Technology PTE, Ltd for free on Playstore. So you no longer have to worry about being hit scam the forbidden. Bigo Live which has a size of 55.64 MB also has many possibilities.

7. MLiveU – Hot live show

MLiveU – Hot live show is a free live application without ban, which is suitable for finding alternatives for finding entertainment in the form of beautiful and easy girls, there are even lively handsome men.

In addition to search entertainment, you can also stream live to earn extra money if the content presented is interesting to watch.

8. Boom Live

Free Live App

Boom Live is one of the unrestricted live streaming apk used to watch and stream live for free.

Boom Live is one of the best live apps without ban, because there are various possibilities offered when we users want to watch live stream of famous hosts with different types, from hot to polite.

There are different types of interests that you can watch live or if you are a streamer you can do live, such as comedy, cooking, dancing, singing, romance, beauty, etc.

But unfortunately the original Boom Live requires the user to buy coins to get into some rooms that are a bit private. Therefore, Boom Live Mod Apk has been provided which can open all rooms for free.

9. MoreinLive

Free Live App

Looking for the latest application no banned bar 2022? So, MoreinLive is the best choice right now, because there are many adult dishes hosted from different countries, especially China, which you can access for free and legally.

Based on Batchkun’s experience with using this live line application, it is very easy to use, although the overall screen uses English instead of Indonesian. Although they use English, it will not stop our excitement to watch beautiful and sexy girls messing up.

10. Mango Live

Live APK streaming is not prohibited

Still not enough with 9 recommendations for live streaming without being banned abroad that are popular in Indonesia? Then Mango Live is one of the free live apps without ban that should be tried for those who want to watch ciwi ciwi cantek or want to do live streaming.

This application allows users to interact with each other even if they are in different hemispheres. There are a variety of topics and types to choose from, including adults.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t think too much to download this strict Indonesian live app. Just click the button below to get it for free.

These are some of the unrestricted Android live streaming apps that you can get for free and easily. How to set up and register an account is also not complicated. You are 18 or 21 years old enough to be able to use it.

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