11 tourists stuck in the air due to rope damage, rescue

Parwanoo timber path: There was a problem with the rope (cable car) in the Parwanoo of Himachal Pradesh, due to which 11 tourists got stuck. Another cable car trolley has been sent to rescue them. Through this, a person is saved. Due to a problem with the Timber Trail (cable car), it stuck in the air for 11 hours.

The technical team tries to repair the cable car as soon as possible. The whole situation is monitored by the police. It is said that ten members of 5 families are trapped in the rope. The rescue team has rescued ten people. This includes five women and five men.

Accident on Parwanoo Timber Trail

Ten tourists were rescued from the Timber Trail (cable car) in the Solan area. Efforts are being made to save the rest.

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SP Solan Virendra Sharma said that the cable car got stuck in the middle due to a technical problem in Parwanoo’s TTR around 1:30. Tourists trapped on the cable car said they were going to the resort due to a technical problem, the timber path is stuck there, they say an attempt is being made to get off the rescue trolley, but people are unable to land.

Parwanoo Timber Trail Rescue Continue
The tourist who was trapped in the rope was saved.

This has happened again

A similar incident occurred in the Parwanoo area of ​​Kasauli tehsil in October 1992, when ten people were trapped in the air. Even today, when people remember that time, they shudder. For three days, the breath of ten people was stuck in the air and one person had also died.

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At that time, soldiers of the Army and the Air Force saved the lives of people trapped hundreds of feet. Information about the trolley stuck to the Tiber Trail rope spread like wildfire everywhere. The tourists trapped in it were from Delhi and Punjab.

Parwanoo Timber Trail Rescue Continue

The trolley attendant was dead.

On October 11, 1992, tourists were sitting in a rope trolley running at the Tiber Trail Resort near Parwanoo on the Kalka-Shimla Highway when the trolley suddenly stopped with a jerk hundreds of feet high. The trolley started rocking the pendulum on the wire and the people sitting inside.

Even after a long time, the trolley did not move and could only recede. According to information, there were 12 people in the trolley, including the attendant, among them a small child. Meanwhile, trolley attendant Ghulam Hussein jumped to save his life and died on the spot. At the same time, before the door was even closed, a person had been injured.

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One day after the incident, the special squadron was called if the passengers did not evacuate successfully. On October 13, Major Crasto of this group reached the very top of the trolley with his helicopter and landed on the roof with the help of a rope.

One by one, everyone got out of there safely by helicopter with the help of a rope. Also honored were Major Ivan Joseph Crasto, Captain Fali Homi, Wg Commander Subhash Chandra and Flight Lieutenant P Upadhyay, who participated in the rescue operation.

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