13 fast ways to download videos on Facebook Lite without an application

Currently, applications from Facebook Lite are widely used, because this application is very light and can be used for all types of smartphones that have limited specifications.

Compared to standard applications, Facebook Lite can be said to be an application that can help save data and save storage space.

In terms of features, you do not need to worry, because the features provided by this APK are no less competitive. An example of the features presented is how to capture video on Facebook Lite without the use of third-party applications or add-ons.

As you know Facebook videos can only be watched and saved in the Facebook database. There is no such option for downloading videos as TikTok or Youtube.

However, Berjuang.my.id has prepared a way to overcome this. With this method, you can download and save any video you want to download via Facebook social media. Whether it’s funny videos, games, inspirations, prophet stories, love and more.

Here’s the fastest and easiest way to download videos on Facebook Lite.

how to download videos to Facebook Lite

1. The first thing you need to do is open the application Facebook Lite first you have downloaded to your smartphone. After that you can do Connection using your personal account.

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2. The next step is to specify the video you want to download. The easy way is to visit it timetable or you are looking for one of the users who often share different types of videos page or a specific group.

How to download videos to Facebook Lite without application

3. To find a more specific video, you can use the column search already available at the top. Enter keywords or key word you want to search in the search field and press enter.

4. If the video you want to download has been found, you can Play the video done. Its main purpose is to download video within the application system.

How to download videos to Facebook Lite without application 2

5. When you have finished viewing the video, it is time to download the video. The trick is to open the page Smartphone for home or exit the Facebook Lite app page. After that open File management Default already installed on your HP device or other File Manager applications, e.g. X-plore.

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6. If you have successfully entered File Manager, you can select a folder Android and then select a folder com.facebook.lite. To make it easier, you can observe the image below.

How to download videos to Facebook Lite without application 3

7. If you have, you can go directly to the files folder Crypt. Then go to the folder video.

How to download videos to Facebook Lite without application 4

8. Crypt is a folder for caching data of all Android applications, including Facebook Lite that you use. In the Cache folder, you will find different types of folders that are cached.

9. In this folder, you will find various items nama folder which is quite strange. It aims to disguise the file.

10. To filter so you can easily download the videos you just watched, you can Sort video folder is in order of time newer. After that, you just need to look at the date and time to make sure that the most recent folder contains the video you watched earlier.

11. The next important step in how to download videos in Facebook Lite is to open the folder you specified. Inside the folder there will be a file with a file name 0000000000000000000 which has a file size large enough or only a few MB depending on the capacity of the video duration and quality.

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How to download videos to Facebook Lite without application 5

12. To be able to play the file, you can move it or copy the file to a new location such as video folder on telephone gallery.

13. After that add .mp4 at the end of the file name using the option rename or you can directly rename the video to the name you want, for example like videokocak.mp4.

If you followed the steps correctly, the video will automatically appear in Phone Gallery.

This is how to download videos to Facebook Lite easily and quickly without the help of third-party applications.

We are talking about quality, maybe not HD, because Facebook Lite was created for users who have limitations regarding the data limit and the specifications of mobile phones. Hopefully this information can be helpful and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write them in the comments column.

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