15 Cool FF Bios, Make FF account profiles even cooler !!

Cool FF Bio is currently much talked about by FF players. This Cool FF Bio Code is often in the forefront because it can give a visualizing effect to our account to make it cooler. But often FF players get confused about how to make a cool ff resume. There are many codes that can be created, such as bio ff love code, color bio ff code, evos logo bio ff code and you can also make an Indonesian flag bio ff.

Cool 2021 FF Bio Code Collection

With a cool bio ff code you can make your ff profile even cooler. Maybe you are looking for a cool collection of ff biographical codes. Here the administrator will enter several ff codes, such as the basic bio ff classification code, the verified bio ff code and the color bio ff code. So do not miss it, see below.

Kode Bio FF Logo Free Fire

If you are a free fire player, of course you also often see the logo of this game, the Free Fire logo is written in bold white and is followed by yellow in the letter “i”. You can use this logo to complete your CV profile with the following FF CV codes.

  • [b][c] FREE F.[FF8800]I[FFFFFF]about [FF0000]

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FF Bio Code Signal 999 Red

Do you like to be late while playing FF? In order not to be quarreled with by the team, it is better to put the FF code CV that shows a red mark on your profile, gang.

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That way, when other people see your profile, they’ll realize that your connection is so bad that it shows a high ping 999 and a red signal icon.

In total, there are three red signal code options to choose from. The first is the code for bold text, the second is for not very bold text and the last is fine.

  • [FF0000] 9 9 9 + (bold)
  • [FF0000] 9 9 9+ (good)
  • [FF0000] [c] 9 9 9+ (not too thick)

FF Bio Code Red and White Flag

In addition to displaying the ranking and color symbol, you can also use the red and white flag symbol to indicate how proud you are to be Indonesian.

There are two sizes you can use if you want to look like a cool FF player who was born in Indonesia. Here is the code.

  • [b][i] [FF0000] [FFFFFF]
  • [b][i] [FF0000] [FFFFFF]

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Code Bio FF Badge Event Season Keren

If the choice of ranking symbols, colors and flags is still not interesting enough for you, you can display the season event badge as an alternative.

Well, usually every event of the season in FF has an interesting symbol. This symbol also changes depending on the current season event.

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Kode Bio Free Logo Mobile Legends Game

As we know, Mobile Legends is also one of the most popular games in Indonesia. In fact, the number of ML players can be said to compete with FF.

If you like playing Mobile Legends, you can also display the ML icon in the Free Fire game to tell other players that you are also an ML player, you know.

This is the code to display the Mobile Legends game logo or symbol. Who knows, someone might be interested in hanging out with you in ML games!

  • [FF8800] LAGENDS

Bio FF Colorful Writing

Did you know that the text in FF CV can really change color as you like very easily? The trick is to add a color code to the resume we created.

Please read the Free Fire + Color Code How to make colorful writing. There are different types of color codes and how to use them if you do not know. So we can easily make colorful writing on FF CV.

  • red = [FF0000]
  • Ungu = [FF00FF]
  • Pink = [FF1493]
  • Black = [000000]
  • Blue = [0000FF]
  • Green = [00FF00]
  • Gray = [808080]
  • Chocolate = [A52A2A]
  • Orange = [FFA500]
  • No = [FFD700]
  • Yellow = [FFFF00]

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Kode Bio FF verified

Lately, the Verified symbol has been widely used by FF players because it reflects official FF influencers.

In fact, this Verified Original Icon cannot be copied exactly to the original because it is on Garena’s side, as only official influencers can have it.

However, do not worry. You see, you can use a special password to display the Verified symbol on your profile. Let’s make it even cooler, okay!

Here’s the FF CV to make you look like an FF influencer!

How to install Cool FF Bio Code in profile

Previously, if any of you did not know how to put a nice resume ff in your account, you can see the method below, it is easy.

  1. Copy the ff resume code in this article.
  2. Buka free fire game / ff game.
  3. Select a profile in the left corner.
  4. Select edit and look for the Signature column
  5. Paste the cool ff resume code earlier in the column.
  6. Then click save.

It’s easy, how to install bio ff code. Well, you can do a similar way to replace other ff resume codes.

Akhіr Kаtа

Well, this can be shared by the Administrator when this happens when it comes to Bio FF Cool, Make an FF account profile nicer !!. Hopefully this tutorial or guide can be helpful. Is there anything you want to ask?

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