2 easy and fast ways to register in BRI SMS Banking

How to register for BRI SMS Banking easily and quickly – In addition to the internet and m-banking, there are also banking services that facilitate users’ transactions, ie sms banking.

This BRI SMS banking has many features such as balance information, fund transfers, bill payments, credit purchase and more.

Like the Internet and m-banking, to use these features we must also register first. Well, for those of you who could not register in BRI banking sms banking, see the following guide !.

How to register for BRI SMS Banking easily and quickly

There are 2 ways to activate BRI SMS banking, ie by manual activation on the ATM machine, and it can also be done through customer service.

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1. Activation in the ATM Machine

Before registering, prepare a BRI ATM card and an active mobile phone number. Then follow these steps:

  • Enter the ATM and PIN.
  • Select another trading menu> sign up> SMS Banking.
  • Enter the mobile phone number to be used for SMS Banking.
  • You will be asked to create an SMS Banking PIN consisting of a six-digit number. Create a PIN that is easy to remember, but avoid a PIN that is the same as your date of birth.
  • When you are finished, a receipt will be issued containing information that you have successfully registered.
  • When you are done, the only banking function you can use is to check the balances. To access other trading functions that are financial transactions, you must register them through Customer Service at the nearest BRI branch.
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2. Register through the nearest BRI Branch

In my opinion, this second method is the best way. Because by registering through the nearest BRI branch, you can unlock all existing SMS banking features.

  • Make a photocopy of an active ID, BRI ATM card and an active mobile phone number.
  • Bring a BRI booklet if requested.
  • Go to the nearest BRI branch, get the customer service queue number.
  • Customer service will assist in the registration process.

Done, easy, right ?. You can use BRI SMS Banking by sending transaction messages to 3300.

So, here are some ways to sign up for BRI SMS banking easily and quickly. In your opinion, which method is the best to use ?, write in the comments column yes !.

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Well, hopefully useful !.

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