3 Career Opportunities to Follow in the Forex Industry

Geografiana.com – Now being a trader is not the only way to get involved in the foreign exchange industry, the foreign exchange market is the largest international market based on trading volume and liquidity and is open 24 hours a day.

The average trading volume gets there, the dynamic forex industry definitely appeals to those of you who like a challenge.

Working in the world of forex means that you will be required to study, work for a long time and require a broad knowledge of the legal and regulatory foundations of economics.

Abroad some professions in the foreign exchange market even have to pass various computer tests, while on the plus side, working in the foreign exchange industry gives you the opportunity to work abroad.

In addition, working in the foreign exchange market is also very lucrative financially, and here are 5 career opportunities you can pursue in the foreign exchange industry.

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1. Customer Service Broker

Forex often requires an advanced level of customer service with forex information to help its clients not only answer customer calls but have many other responsibilities.

For example, processing new merchant accounts, verifying customer IDs, processing withdrawals, transfers, deposits, and answering customer questions about it.

There is also a customer service service that specializes in dealing with transaction problems. They need to be able to communicate well, work quickly and understand the intricacies of forex trading and the platform.

This customer service broker is led by a manager who has a lot of experience and a lot of responsibility, it is clear that this profession is responsible for helping customers’ business activities so that they are always smooth and without problems.

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2. Forex Industry Regulator

Future regulators, such as CoFTRA, also employ staff in various positions to carry out their duties, with the task of preventing brokers from committing fraud and protecting the rights of traders as customers.

Regulators usually require lawyers, auditors, economists, research brokers and various other professionals.

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For example, auditors need someone with a degree in accounting, while economists usually look for economics graduates, on the other hand, a career in the forex industry as a research broker dealing with fraud, market manipulation, business abuse and more.

3. Forex account manager

To become an account manager, of course, you need to have professional traders and be able to show a history of traders who can make a steady profit.

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How not, this profession is responsible for managing customer funds, account managers are usually needed by institutional traders such as banks, companies, and even central banks, but it is now possible for individual traders to also use account manager services.

You have to remember that account managers manage large funds, so this profession is said to be high risk, account managers are determined to achieve certain profit targets, although the risk of loss is high.

Here’s current information you need to know about 3 Career Opportunities You Can Follow in the Forex Industry, we hope you find it useful.

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