4 Korean dramas to be screened in July 2022

Korean dramas are one of the most popular shows for people of all walks of life. It is no secret that Korean dramas are known to have an interesting spectacle to watch.

Not only does it have a story that is always interesting to follow, but it is also very nicely packaged and detailed. The genres presented are also interesting with the number of episodes tending to be very short.

This time in July 2022, a series of dramas are rumored to be shown soon. Where these dramas have been waiting to be broadcast by some fans for a long time. So what kind of drama is this? The following is a list of Korean dramas for July 2022 that are interesting to watch.

1. Remarriage & Desires (July 15, 2022)

Korean Drama July 2022

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The series is directed by Kim Jeong Min and stars Kim Hee Sun, Lee Hyun Wook, Jung Yoo Jin and Park Hoon. This drama is a satire on Korean society that says the desire to buy a new marriage. This July 2022 drama revolves around a high quality wedding information company.

Another title : The Black Bride, The Bride of Black
Kind : Drama
Episode : 8
Screening hours : Friday
Channel : Netflix
Remarriage & Desires player :

  • Kim Hee Sun as Seo Hye Seung
  • Lee Hyun Wook sebagai Lee Hyung Joo
  • Jung Eugene as Jin Yoo Hee
  • Park Hoon sebagai Cha Seok Jin
  • Cha Ji Yeon sebagai Choi Yoo Sun.
  • Kim Yun Seo as Heo Jeong In
  • Kim Young Hoon sebagai Choi Seong Jae
  • Kim Mi Kyung as Hyung Joo’s mother
  • Kim Sa Kwon
  • Baek Joo Hee
  • Kim So Ra
  • Lady Jane

Synopsis Remarriage & Desires :

The drama Remarriage & Desires will focus on the story of an exclusive matchmaking agency, where members want a partner to increase their social position in society.

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Seo Hye Seung is a woman who once lost everything while living as a middle-class housewife in Gangnam. He then dives into Rex’s wedding business to avenge himself. By chance he meets Jin Yoo Hee in Rex who brings him upside down.

Lee Hyeong Joo is the president of a venture company, if you look closely, he is a groom that many crave because he is handsome and rich. He wants to overcome the failure of his first marriage and find a partner who will benefit him for the second marriage.

Jin Yoo Hee is a lawyer for the legal team of a heterogeneous business group. She did it to become one of the women of the upper class. Cha Seok Jin, a successful teacher who clashes with Choi Yoo Seon over his father’s large fortune.

Choi Yoo Seon is the CEO of the Rex delegation. where this marriage information company has it all, namely chaebol families, elite statuses and couples with the best standards in Korea.

2. The X Who Doesn’t Love Me (July 15, 2022)

Korean Drama July 2022

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This romantic Korean drama will be screened on TVING and VIU on July 15, 2022. This drama is written and directed by Ko Jae Hong. Having a fairly short 10-episode episode, the drama, starring NCT Doyoung and Han Ji Hyo, is worth the wait.

Another title : Love note
Kind : Romance, Drama
Episode : 10
Screening hours : Friday
Channel : FORCE
Pemain The X Who Don’t Love Me :

  • Han Ji Hyo sebagai Seo Hee Soo
  • Kim Do Young as Jung Si Ho
  • Kwon Ah Reum as Park Se Jin
  • Kim Ji Hoon
  • Son Hyun Woo

Synopsis The X Who Don’t Love Me :

X who do not love me is a story about young people in their 20s struggling with their dreams and love.

To X Who Don’t Love Me is a romantic “expiration date” drama that tells the story of Seo Hee Su, a college student and aspiring lyricist with zero self-esteem and zero self-love, who finds a mysterious note note. that makes anyone fall in love with him for a month and have a relationship with Jung Si Ho.

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3. Big Mouse (July 29, 2022)

Korean Drama July 2022

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This Korean drama is scheduled to premiere on July 29, 2022 on MBC and is also available on the Disney + streaming app. Starring Lee Jong Suk and Im Yoon Ah, this drama was highly anticipated.

Kind : Thriller, Mystery, Law, Drama
Episode : 16
Screening hours : 29 July 2022 – 17 September 2022
Channel : MBC
Big mouse player :

  • Li Yong Suk as Park Chang Ho
  • Im Yoon Ah sebagai Go Mi Ho
  • Yang Kyung Won as Gong Ji Hoon
  • Kim Joo Heon sebagai Choi Do Ha
  • Ok Ja Yeon sebagai Hyun Joo Hee
  • Kwak Dong Yeon as Jerry
  • Oh Eui Shik as Kim Soon Tae
  • Lee Yoo Joon sebagai Han Chae Ho
  • Kim Dong Won as Gan Soo Cheol
  • Kim Sun Hwa as Chief Nurse

Synopsis Big Mouse :

Strange things happen when a third-degree lawyer happens to be working on a murder case. This is a record of the battles fought by lower middle class lawyers who have to deal with more gruesome cases than criminals. He must protect himself and his family and punish the wicked in an extraordinary world of conspiracy and greed.

Park Chang Ho is a lawyer who failed to win only 10 percent. People around him called him a big mouth because he spoke majestically but showed no substance. He was so poor that he could not afford to pay the monthly rent of his office or pay his office manager, who was also his father-in-law, on time.

Go Mi Ho is the wife of Park Chang Ho, the man who made her a lawyer. During his college days, he was cute and quiet, but now, he is bold and dirty.

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4. Today’s Webtoon (July 29, 2022)

Korean Drama July 2022

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This Korean drama of July 2022 tells the story of On Ma Eum, a former judo athlete who adapts to his new job. Starring Kim Se Jeong, Nam Yoon Su and Choi Daniel, the series is scheduled to air every Friday and Saturday on SBS.

Kind : Business, Comedy, Life, Drama
Episode : 12
Screening hours : Friday and Saturday
Channel : SBS
Today’s Webtoon player :

  • Kim Se Jeong sebagai On Ma Eum
  • Choi Daniel as Seok Ji Hyung
  • Nam Yoon Su as Goo Jun Yeong
  • Ko Chang Seok as On Gi Bong
  • Jang Sung Yoon as Lee Woo Jin
  • Kim Gab Soo as Baek Eo Jin
  • Son Dong Woon as Oh Yoon
  • Nam Bo Ra as Jang Hye Mi
  • Park Ho San as Jang Man Cheol
  • Im Chul Soo Like Na Gang Nam

Sinopsis Today’s Webtoon :

Today’s Webtoon tells the story of a woman who struggles with her colleagues to mature into a true webtoon editor after joining the webtoon editing department.

In Ma Eum, he enters the editing department of the webtoon after overcoming all the possibilities. He has a great appetite, good sense of smell and cauliflower ears characteristic of a fighter as a former permanent member of the national judo team.

In Ma Eum she had to give up her athletic career when an unfortunate accident during a game tore her ankle ligaments, but she started dreaming again when she accidentally delivered food to the webtoon editorial department.

This is the list of Korean dramas that will be screened in July 2022. From the last series of Korean dramas above, which one have you been waiting for a long time? Write in the comments yes!

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