4 new applications you need to know

Focus.redaksikerja.com – Instead of wandering around with a plethora of new applications looking for some diamonds in Coarse, let us be your guide.

This is a collection of the best new apps for iOS and Android for download pleasure.

Reverb LP

Overall, LP Reverb is a market and discovery platform specifically built around vintage natural music instruments, especially vinyl. You can browse, buy and sell thousands of new, used and vintage records, cassettes and CDs directly to your phone from the comfort of your office, sofa or even your bathroom.

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You probably won’t find one of the 10 most valuable vinyl records of all time in the app without a high price tag, but you can use it to improve your significant vinyl collection or sell your own records.

If you are serious about your music collection, you should use Reverb. iOS / Android

Opera Touch

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and even Internet Explorer (or as Microsoft calls it these days) are all browsers that are more popular than Opera, the time-honored browser.

But Opera is back with Opera Touch and a whole new phone browsing experience. Instant Search includes QR and barcode scanning. Ability to send items to your computer with Flow.

Managing tabs is quick and easy. These are all great things, but they do not hold a candle in the quick action buttons and an interface that allows you to operate the entire application using just one hand. Mobile browsing has become much better. iOS / Android

Up File Transfer & Sharing

E-MAIL. Text message. WhatsApp. Dropbox. We transfer. Facebook Messenger. There are more applications for sharing photos, videos and other files than we can remember the name or have space throughout this section.

Up File Transfer & Sharing isn’t the biggest thing about file transfer in history, but it does contain a ton of useful features in an easy-to-use application. Real-time, full-resolution transports across multiple platforms.

AirDrop sharing. Secure data transfer via HTTPS. And most importantly, the expiration time that permanently deletes the file at its end. iOS

Pocket plaster

Pocket Casts was one of the most popular podcast apps during the popular podcasts. If you listen to podcasts, you probably already know them and you like them. If not here’s a new product just for you!

The latest update to “the most powerful podcast platform in the world” includes a new enhanced hardware design interface, subscription playback, episode search, next sync, listening history, new topics, episode archiving and enhanced discovery.

Simply put, if you have ever listened to a podcast, you need this app. iOS / Android

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