5+ Ways Graphic Designers Make 100% Money

There are several ways to earn money that you can make from those who are good at designing or specific in the field of graphic design.

Graphic designer or graphic designer is a communication process that uses visual elements, whether it is typography, illustration and graphics. Photo.

Sometimes this graphic design is called DKV [Desain Komunikasi Visual] or communication design.

Currently, there are many people who make graphic designers a profession, or as employees in a company, to become a professional graphic designer UX design or maybe as independent.

And if you talk about it, you’re going to talk indirectly about how to make money from CorelDraw, how to make money from logo design, how to make money from Canva.

And it can also lead to some questions that also refer to platforms that allow you to post or sell designs.

For example, does twibbon make money? What are Design Upload Sites? How To Make Money From Web Designing? And so on.

So this topic is quite broad and that is why I prefer to use the general term, ie graphic design.

5+ Ways Graphic Designers Make 100% Money

So how do graphic designers make money? There are several ways.

Without delay, here’s how graphic designers make the most money by working 100%.

1. Participate in a design competition

The design contest, in this context, refers to an event or design contest held by a brand, company, government agency or individual.

An example of a competition that is most interesting and at the same time the most exhausting is the logo competition.

So there are many types of this logo contest. Such as corporate logos, foundations, non-profit organizations, events or activities and so on.

You can also participate in competitions held locally, nationally or internationally. In addition, you can enter multiple contests at once.

My advice is, it is better to participate in as many competitions as possible. The important, deadline the contest or contest is not too close or you still have enough time to design a custom logo.

Usually, before the competition starts, there are customer which provides an update to identify or describe the type of design you want.

Therefore, be sure to read the update carefully to find out the features, significance and function of the design you requested.

However, the challenge is not there but in its nature. The name is also a contest or contest, of course there are many participants.

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Not to mention the organizers who sometimes open participation limits or other conditions, such as the duration of the race being accelerated or postponed.

Although competitive, the awards are quite enticing. There are even some contests that give prizes ranging from 2 million to 10 million rupees for the first winner.

I also often see similar logo competitions held worldwide, with a larger number of participants.

The prize is also very large. For global competitions, the average prize is in dollars with a face value of $ 50 to $ 2000.

In Indonesia, there are many graphic designers taking part in such competitions. Usually, they participate in 10-40 competitions per month.

With the hope of becoming champions for 1-5 games. Thus, their income from the competition will increase, which is enough for a treat having a relationship crush.

Oh yes, for those of you who want to take part in this kind of logo design competition, there are many platforms built specifically for this purpose, for example:

  • 99design.com is a website that focuses on logo, web, graphic design, etc. You can also use this site to sell design products
  • designcrowd.com which is a website that focuses on Freelance Logo Design and Web Design
  • 48hourslogo.com is a website that focuses on affordable logo design for businesses

In addition to the three examples above, there are also examples of other sites created for a similar purpose. Can search for keywords logo competition or something.

2. Register on the microstock website

In addition to participating in the contest, you can also take advantage of microstock location out there being a factor.

For example, you can sign up for Shutterstock to sell your own graphic design work, be it logos, vector images, and so on.

So where does the revenue come from? Of course, when someone is interested in your design, a logo, for example, will buy it.

From this purchase you will receive rights or commissions. The price of the rights to the plan is not really that great.

But enough to add income. There are several microstock sites that offer significant royalties from $ 0.20 to $ 0.50 per purchase.

Some other sites also allow you to set your own price as you wish, while taking into account the market price.

It is small. That’s why a lot graphic design who prefer to take part in contests or contests instead of participating in the microstock site.

However, there is an advantage to subscribing to the microstock website, which means that your design or logo can be purchased multiple times by different consumers.

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This way, your income will never be exhausted and will always increase from time to time.

If you want to partner with many microstock sites, there are several sites I recommend, such as Shutterstock, Freepick, Dreamstime and so on.

How to register? Too easy. You can read the review in the following article:

3. Find client project single

How graphic designers make money
via thedigitalprojectmanager.com

This method leads more to the work independent where you need to sign up for one or more sites independent which are widely available today.

If you are looking for client project make sure you really understand the know-how you have. Thus, the designs requested by the customers match their expectations.

One thing that is interesting about how to make money in this context is that you can choose to work on projects from which clients.

Usually, there are clients who want to work on a project with a different job, such as logos, certificates, social media backgrounds, banner ads, presentation templates, and so on.

But it depends on the information that the customer makes. Sometimes they ask to work on only one project at a time.

In addition, to ensure that customers can use your services, make sure that your design experience is mature enough.

For this, you need to have a portfolio that shows which products you have made in the past.

In addition, you must also be able to communicate with customers, receive information and referrals, and maintain your reputation.

Also note that customers are usually looking for designers who offer prices according to the portfolio being made.

Therefore, offer the right price and do not overdo it. Because it is possible customer will move on to another designer.

To become a freelancer in his field graphic design Here, there are many platforms you can use, such as project.co.id, upwork.com, sribulender.com, fastwork.com and so on.

4. Service offer concert service

What do you mean? This means that you have determined what design services you want to offer customers.

This way, customers who use your services already know what your skills are. This method is popular if you do not want to accept a project that is sometimes called upon to design something that is not your know-how.

For example, a designer was asked to create a promotional image on Instagram for influencer even though your portfolio only offers logo creation services.

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Become concert service It also allows you to improve your skills in a single type of design, such as WPAP or pet vector design.

Just like when you search client project I, as I explained above, make sure you have a good portfolio to have customer who want to use your services.

There are several sites that allow you to choose concert service according to know-how, such as fiverr.com, studio envato market and so on.

5. Create a blog or channel on Youtube

How graphic designers make money
via digitalexcellence.global

One of the most common ways to make money for graphic designers is to create a blog or Youtube channel.

Becoming a blogger or Youtuber is also not complicated when creating a portfolio on a freelance website or offering concert service single.

Most importantly, you specialize in writing or editing videos. This topic can be explored later, when your blog and your Youtube channel are ready.

How about the content? The average graphic designer who works as a blogger or Youtuber usually acts as a mentor to visitors and also subscriber you.

In other words, the content presented mainly contains seminars and ways to design something that is good and right.

You can also use the blog or channel as a means of promoting your services or services.

If any of you are confused about how to create a blog and a channel on Youtube, you can read my articles below:

If you have more capital, you can create a blog in WordPress self-host so that existing content is displayed more on the blog strong and easier for others to find.

You can also win from here. There are many types of blogging revenue, the most popular being with Facebook ads Google AdSense.

The same when you become a Youtuber. You can also earn extra income from advertising.


Nowadays, making money from your talents and interests is not very difficult, the most important thing is to be able to see the opportunities that exist.

This also applies to those of you who are good at design or are good graphic design both those who do it for a hobby or a side with those who do it professionally.

If there are additions, enter or maybe questions about this post can be submitted in the comments column.

So article on 5 Ways Graphic Designers Make Money. Hopefully this article may be useful for you. ***

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