8 ways to make money from Youtube in 2022

teknohow.com – How To Make Money On Youtube – Since its official release on February 14, 2005, YouTube now has 170 million users, or 93.8% of the 181.9 million Internet users aged 16-64.

How To Make Money With YouTube? This is a review on how to make easy money on YouTube. Let’s see!

10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Since we all now know that the Internet plays a fairly central role in human life, we can find anything on the Internet, including making money.

1. Create a YouTube Channel Account

The first way is to create compelling content that will direct viewers to your YouTube channel. It’s very easy. This means you just need to sign in to YouTube (you can use your Google Account to sign in and sign up instead of rewriting all the form data from scratch).

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2. Generate revenue from a channel

How to monetize your channel is to log in to your YouTube account, select the “Account Information” menu in the upper right corner and click on “Creator Studio”. Then select “Channel” from the left menu and click on “Status and Features”. Finally, select “Enable monetization”. Then accept the existing agreement.

3. Optimization

Once you have generated revenue from your channel, you can optimize it to increase your channel loyalty. However, there are many criteria that must be met, such as:

  • Yang video user friendly.
  • To be promoted, content must be your original work.
  • Copyright-protected videos from the Internet do nothing, so it is recommended that you avoid plagiarism.
  • Videos must comply with the YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  • If your video generates revenue, you will see some ads in the next video.
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4. Selling and promoting products via video

If you have your own product, you can use YouTube as a promotional platform. For example, promoting a product in the middle of the content you have.

5. Drive traffic to affiliate links

Instead of relying on your existing blog to drive people to your affiliate links, create a great YouTube channel and use it as a catalyst to connect with affiliate links you have created.

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6. Live streaming

In addition to creating engaging content that will engage your viewers, you can also stream live on this platform. Some of the live streaming concepts you can do are music, games and sports.

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7. Watch other videos

This seventh method is quite complicated because it uses external applications such as Baymack, Watch2earn, Paid2Youtube, Swagbucks, You-Cubez, etc. for streaming other videos.

8. Link your YouTube channel to AdSense

Once you have successfully generated revenue from your channel, proceed to link your YouTube channel to Adsense. The trick is to log in and get an approved AdSense account on your YouTube account.

YouTube Analytics will be available in the future, which you can use to track your earnings, which you will only receive if you reach or meet your existing YouTube payout limit.

Following is a discussion on how 8 how to make money from youtube that you can try anywhere and anytime Let’s hope it’s useful …

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