8000 bones found in mysterious frog cemetery, scientists surprised

Scientists have seen something that surprised them in Britain near Cambridge in the United Kingdom. During a road excavation at Bar Hill, scientists discovered 8,000 ancient toad and frog bones.

Between 2016 and 2018, this excavation took place near a house built during the Iron Age. During this time, bones were found in a 14-meter-long pit, that is, 6 feet deep. Scientists had to dig a Top Soil and Subsoil meter to reach this frog cemetery. Finding so many relics in one place is an unusual and unusual discovery. Also, scientists have not yet figured out how all this got into the pit.

Archaeologist Vicky Amphibious Cemetery
Archaeologist Vicki Evens shows samples of frog bones.

The mystery remains in the bones of the frogs.

Vicki Ewens, senior archaeologist at the Museum of Archeology in London-MOLA, says that while working at so many sites in London, we have not found so many frogs anywhere. It is amazing to see so many bones in a pit. According to scientists, these bones come mainly from common species of frogs and toads found throughout the country. It also has frog remains in a puddle, which is shocking.

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Speaking of the Stone Age, such evidence has been found that shows that people used to eat frogs then. However, there is neither a cut nor a burn mark on the bones found in the pit. Therefore, it cannot be said that humans ate these frogs. However, even if the frogs had boiled, traces of it would have been found.

Amphibian Cemetery Near Bar Hill
The excavation took place in this place called Bar Hill.

There are many theories behind this tragedy.

From the place where these remnants were found, there were signs of burnt grain, which shows that people used to process the crop. Because of the crops, other insects must have come there, and frogs must have come there to eat them. Another theory is given behind this tragedy with frogs in prehistoric times. The frogs must have come to this area in the spring looking for breeding grounds and they would fall into the pit and be trapped. It is also said that the extreme cold may have killed these frogs.

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There is also a theory that this may have been due to a frog disease. In the United Kingdom in the 1980s, the rana virus decimated the frog population. The frogs were so affected by this virus that the Frog Mortality Project began to monitor and report the disease. Ranaviruses are viruses that affect a large number of specific fish and reptiles (Amphibians).

Scientists are discovering.

Vicki Evens says this is an amazing discovery that we are still trying to understand. There are many different reasons why frog scraps can be together. We will find out this next time as well. But we still do not understand why it was so.

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Not only were frog bones found at the site, but artefacts and human and animal remains were also found. The samples are still being processed. I hope this mystery is solved soon.

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