A fake doctor was arrested for luring 18 women to marry him

A 67-year-old Indian man was arrested after he allegedly pretended to be a doctor and lured 18 women to marry him.

Bibhu Prakash Swain believed in soul mates and true love, or so he told at least 18 women he allegedly married and had all over India before his conception – weeks before his next two marriages.

He searched wedding sites posing as a 51-year-old doctor and persuaded teachers, lawyers, doctors and a paramilitary officer across India to commit, police said.

Using fake IDs and appointment letters to bolster his credentials and family background in India he claimed he was earning a nice salary.

Sanjiv Satpathy, a senior police official, said: “He did it mainly for their money and for some sexual pleasure.”

Swain has been arrested in recent days after Satpathy’s team spent months tracking him down, revealing multiple identities, bank accounts and plans for two weddings in February and March.

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Satpathy said he always targeted women in the late 1940s who were single, widowed or divorced and had very strong personalities.

According to police, Sweeney used to borrow money or jewelry from his newlywed wife to help him during the first “happy and satisfying days” of his marriage.

As he approached his next victim, he hoped that the woman’s circumstances – a single, widowed, divorced or remarried woman in a conservative society – would prevent her from reporting the crime to the police.

Investigators believe Swain has been married more than 18 times and are currently examining his cell phone records where he had stored their contacts – such as Madame Delhi, Madame Assam and Madame UP (Uttar Pradesh) – named by places in India where they stayed.

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Angry and cheated after she married him

In May 2021, police launched an investigation into Sweeney’s multiple lives following a complaint from a 48-year-old wife who accidentally found out he was already married to seven other women.

Angry and feeling cheated, the victim got on his phone and quickly found the contact details of his other spouses and contacted each one individually about their situation.

“We found out he had a long history of deception, impersonation and deception,” Satpathy said.

Sweeney was born in a small village in Odisha and married for the first time in 1978. With his first wife, they had three children, two of whom became doctors and one a dentist.

While training as a laboratory technician, he broke out with his family and moved to Bhubaneswar, the state capital. There, he introduced himself as a doctor and eventually married a doctor, his second wife, in 2002.

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Satpathy said the man has used many names, but always poses as a doctor or teacher while searching for spouses on the Internet.

According to the police, his elaborate arrangements were not a show for one person and he transferred his money from one place to another with the help of others.

In the Hindustan Times, he was referred to as “no Don Juan” because he was only five feet two inches (1.6 meters) tall and was reported to have married at least 27 women in 10 states.

According to the newspaper, he also allegedly defrauded 13 banks of 10 million rupees ($ 135,000) using 128 fake credit cards and ran a chain of medical laboratories where doctors and other employees were left unpaid for months.

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