Appearing at Bandar Serai Festival, Nini Gondrong: Thank you Disbudpar Aceh

Head of Rampagoe Art Studio, Nini Gondrong (Photo: Ist), Pekanbaru | The Aceh Culture and Tourism Office (Disbudpar) facilitated the Rampagoe art studio by Banda Aceh to take part in the Bandar Serai 2022 Festival event in Pekanbaru, Riau Province.

The event, organized by the Begawai Riau Independent Foundation, took place on 19-26 June 2022 with the theme “Art for Healing”.

The event raised various issues amid a pandemic and enormous environmental damage. The Bandar Serai Festival, which is included in the Kharisma National Event (KEN) of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, presents interesting programs such as art exhibitions, art exhibitions, creative tenants and media.

Bandar Serai 2022 Festival director Benie Riaw said that in addition to Riau, participants in the event came from various parts of Indonesia, including Jakarta, West Java, Aceh, West Sumatra and Bengkulu.

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He added that music groups from neighboring countries, namely Malaysia and Singapore, also took part in the event.

The head of the Rampagoe art studio, Nini Gondrong, said she was happy and enthusiastic about participating in this aristocratic event. His participation, he said, could not be separated from the support of the Aceh government through Aceh Dibudpar.

“We thank Disbudpar Aceh, as well as other places that facilitated our departure to Pekanbaru as representatives from Aceh,” Nini said.

Nini Gondrong’s performance on Monday night, June 20, 2022, aroused the audience at the Idrus Tintin Art Pavilion, Pekanbaru. That night, she performed a contemporary dance entitled “The Light of Aceh”.

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Nini said that her modern dance reflects the hope and belief that there is light in every darkness. According to him, the people of Aceh have experienced many difficult and heartbreaking things.

The period of conflict with the earthquake and the destruction of the tsunami were dark times that cost property and lives. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic also had a negative impact on every aspect of life.

“However, the people of Aceh believe that nothing comes after dark except light. Nothing comes after sorrow other than happiness. “The light will always be there to make Aceh rise from adversity, shine more in the eyes of the world and keep working.”

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In a separate post, the active role Kadisbudpar Aceh, Almuniza Kamal said his party will continue to pay constant attention to the creativity of Acehnese artists.

“This is an expression of the concern of the Aceh government for supporting the progress of the Aceh arts and culture. “Disbudpar Aceh provides space for artists to evolve,” Almuniza said on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at Banda Aceh. []

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