Bank Code BSI (Swift Code for Bank Syariah Indonesia) Update 2021 –

BSI Bank Code – In everyday life, of course, we often make payments and transactions between different banks, this we can not avoid at least is the need for a code from the bank we will transfer. As we know today, many customers want to know the BSI bank code. Bank Syariah Indonesia currently has many customers, with the result that many customers of other banks are unaware of it.

Well, on this occasion we will share with you the code for transport needs. You should know that there are 3 banks that we will share, namely Mandiri Syariah, BNI Syariah and BRI Syariah.

Before discussing the code further, you should know about Bank Syariah Indonesia in advance, just check the following for an explanation.

About the Indonesian Islamic Bank

BSI Bank Code

Bank Syariah Indonesia is a Sharia banking institution established on February 1, 2021 before, for its CEO, Hery Gunardy. BSI is currently based in Jakarta, which was established by the Indonesian government with assets of IDR 240 trillion.

Currently, BSI is owned by 3 banks, BRI, BNI and Mandiri. Now just check the password.

Index of Bank Codes Sharia of Indonesia

Code for ex BRI Syariah: 422

Code for ex BNI Syariah: 427

Code for ex Mandiri Syariah: 451

In conclusion, you can use the above code for transport needs. The password we shared above can be changed at any time without prior notice.

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Because BSI Bank is now widely used by the public, it cannot be avoided if there is also a bank swift code that you should be aware of. The purpose of this knowledge is to facilitate those who are abroad when they are going to make a transfer to a BSI bank.

In the case of the sector, many of the employees abroad do the BSI code, so we think this is very important because it will last for a long time and is the same as other banks that have a fixed code.

Without this BSI code, the transfer process will fail automatically and cannot be processed. Just check the code below.

List of Indonesian Sharia Swift codes

BSI Bank Code and Sharia Bank Code of Indonesia Sharia

Swift ex BRI Syariah Code: FRONT

Swift ex BNI Syariah code: SYNIIDJA

Swift ex Mandiri Syariah Code: BSMDIDJA

Take notes carefully so that when you transfer later you do not have to bother looking for a bank code that can be searched through an ATM. Why do we think this is important? The reason is that ATMs often have customer queues, so when you are looking for a taste code, you feel very hurried and sometimes unconcentrated, so this code should be recorded to make transactions smoother, especially ATM Bersama transfers.

Are there any administrator charges when transferring to the BSI bank?

Any transaction at ATMs and transfers to other banks will of course be charged with management costs. The average administrator fee from all banks at the moment is Rp. 6,500, -. For example, when you use Bank BCA and then want to transfer to a BSI bank, you will be charged an Rp administrator fee. 6,500, -.

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Once we know the administrator charges, let’s now learn how to transfer to a BSI bank.

How to transfer to Syariah Indonesia Bank

In fact, to make a transfer to a BSI bank, the instructions do not differ much when you make a transfer to a different bank. This is because the bank code is really necessary, but to be clearer, see the guide below.

  1. First, visit the ATM near your home.
  2. When you are at the ATM, enter the debit card.
  3. Introduction ATM PIN καλίν.
  4. In the menu options, select Other Transactions.
  5. Next choice TRANSPORT.
  6. Choose an option Other Banks.
  7. You will then be automatically asked for the bank code for each BSI code we have communicated above, for example ex Bank Mandiri 451.
  8. Enter code 451.
  9. Enter the nominal transfer, for example Rp. 100,000, -.
  10. Then follow the account number of the BSI bank you will go to.
  11. If so, the recipient’s name will be displayed before the transfer.
  12. You can check the recipient’s name, if it is correct, click He continued.
  13. Then the transaction will be processed and we will wait for the transfer receipt that will come out of the ATM machine.
  14. Keep the transfer receipt as a valid receipt.
  15. If yes, then the ATM will display a notification “Do you want to do other transactions? “ if not then you can select the option “Not“, but if you are still going to make other transactions, select the option”Yes“.
  16. We assume that you have no other transactions here, so select “No” and the debit card will come out automatically, all you have to do is get it.
  17. Get your debit card quickly because if it takes too long or you forget, the card will be swallowed at the ATM machine.
  18. Done.
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Now you can easily make transfer transactions at the BSI bank with the code you have announced above. So all you have to do is share it with your friends or save it for future transactions.

We believe that the explanation of the latest BSI bank code and how to transfer it is understandable, we hope you can easily transfer to BSI bank with the seminar we share.


Use the BSI bank code to trade when you need it. If there is a password change, God willing, we will edit this article immediately and provide the most recent password.

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