Banning disposable plastic canes will affect those who use them as a life-saving medical device

Straws have been a hot topic of discussion for the past two years and the debate over them has resumed as the federal government plans to ban disposable plastics by the end of the year.

The announcement by the Canadian government led to final regulations banning disposable items such as plastic shopping bags, cutlery, disposable containers and straws. Businesses will not be able to sell them from December 2023 and Canada will stop exporting them by the end of 2025.

For some people living with disabilities, it affects their daily lives. Their concern is what will happen when the federal government bans the manufacture and import of disposable plastics, including reeds.

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An Edmonton disability activist says the Trinto government’s move makes her feel unheard of, as it relies on disposable plastic straws as a life-saving medical device.

“I have to use disposable plastic straws from morning till night,” Karli Drew told CityNews. “Not only for hydration but also for meal replacement drinks because I can not always eat and swallow.”


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Drew says alternative straws are more problematic and less safe than disposable straws. “Some of them melt at certain temperatures, contain allergens, there is a risk of harming ourselves,” he explained. “Because many people with disabilities do not have coordination and can easily slip and hurt ourselves.”

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The Health Minister of Canada claims that Ottawa knows that people living with disabilities need plastic straws, so they will continue to be sold in packs of 20 on-demand for people with accessibility or medical problems and will also be available to those who need them. medical facilities.

But the concern of many is accessibility. A director of the Alberta Ability Network says she hopes to see more straws available in restaurants and elsewhere for people with disabilities.

Both the director and the activist say they hope the federal government will consult groups of people with disabilities as they move forward with their plans, but the disabled activist says she does not believe the ban on disposable reeds will have a major environmental impact.

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“I want to save the environment,” Drew said. “But this only serves to harm people and does not really help.”

-With files by Sarah Chu

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