“Best of the night”: Fans praise Alexis and Keaton’s performance in So You Think You Can Dance Episode 6

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So you think you can dance Season 17 came back for another episode on Wednesday night, and it was nothing short of fun. This week, the top 12 contestants competed in pairs. They had to make a routine based on the style of their partners.

While everyone gave their best, the fans were in awe of the performance of a particular couple. He was none other than Alexis and Keaton.

So you think you can dance Season 17 Episode 6: Alexis and Keaton steal the show

Titled Girls evening, Alexis and Keaton brought their most groovies to the stage with their steaming routine in the ballroom. The couple performed a very spicy Cha-Cha that left the audience wanting more. Keaton shared that the story of their show was a cat and mouse game. He had to play the “dirty dude”, who claimed to be the complete opposite of his personality.

The choreographer shared that technically the dance was very provocative. He added that the key element without which they could not be interpreted was their chemistry. The couple took center stage and danced their night away I like it that way (I know Andy Remix) by Pete Rodriguez. They wanted their performance to be steamy and that is exactly what they brought to the stage.

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The So you think you can dance The duo followed the fast routine and did not lose a minute. For someone who has not danced a ballroom routine in the past, Keaton certainly matched Alexis’ energy. After their performance, Keaton revealed that so far, he has only done two ballroom lessons in his life.

Judge JoJo shared that Alexis was, without a doubt, a great dancer in the ballroom. He added, however, that for a great number of ballrooms, Alexis needed a great partner in the ballroom and that Keaton delivered it. Jude tWitch told Alexis she owned the show.

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The So you think you can dance the judge said:

“You commanded the stage like this was your moment right now. Keaton, I’m so proud of what you did. “I also know what it’s like to learn a ballroom in a week to have a ballroom dancer as your life-saving partner.”

TWitch also added that if they entered the competition, that they wanted Keaton to explore the possibilities of a cat and mouse hunt.

Leah Remini shared that Keaton’s performance was amazing and that she had it. Leah added that she was proud of them. The So you think you can dance The judge noted that Alexis’s beating was insane and that he was generally amused by their performance.

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Fortunately, the judges were not the only ones entertained by Alexis and Keaton. Fans who watched the episode went on social media to praise the couple for their Cha-Cha routine.

Fans praise Alexis and Keaton’s Cha-Cha routine So you think you can dance Season 17 Episode 6

Via Twitter, fans shared that they were impressed by So you think you can dance performance of the contestants. Some also added that theirs was the best show of the night.

Alexis and Keaton were saved from the exclusion and qualified for the Top 10 in So you think you can dance. Unfortunately, that was the end of the journey for Virginia and James, who made a modern routine. He was in the last four and the judges decided to exclude the duo and save Jordan and Waverley.

So you think you can dance is broadcast every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET only on Fox. Readers can check your local listings for more information.

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