BHU offers an interest-free loan program for financially disadvantaged students

BHU offers an interest-free loan
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BHU offers an interest-free loan : Banaras Hindu University has launched an interest-free loan assistance program for its students who face educational challenges due to their poor financial situation. Under this system, students whose family has a Benefit Poverty (BPL) card or whose parents have died or not from COVID-19 and whose child is dependent on their earnings will receive an annual salary of Rs 12,000 . Help will be given. According to a statement.

This has been done so that they can complete their university education without interruption. The establishment of two faculty members is necessary to benefit from the benefits of the program.

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Vice-Chancellor Sudhir Kumar Jain said in a statement that the university would provide all possible assistance to the students so that they could complete their studies. He said the financial aid would be an interest-free loan.

So far, the benefit of this scheme will be given to about a thousand students. About 200 applications have been received so far and 103 applications have been approved.

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He states that after hiring, the student can repay the loan in installments in two years. The responsibility for repaying the loan will not be borne by either the student’s parents or the faculty members who proposed the names of the students for the loan, the statement said.

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