Bowling King Apk Mod

There are many smartphone games that can be played to pass the time, one of which is Bowling King. Download this Bowling King apk and feel like you are throwing a ball to drop a pin without having to spend a lot of energy.


Bowling games are very suitable to be played by users who have a hobby of bowling but can not play it directly because it is far from bowling. Or for users who do not like to sweat a lot, but are curious how to play, download and play Bowling King apk, this mod can be an alternative.

Playing it is quite easy and fun. The user only needs to define the strategy by moving the finger on the smartphone screen. To earn a lot of points, make sure that the bowling ball can throw all its pins in one throw or which is usually called a hit.

Bowling King mode

With a variety of features that complement this game, it will definitely add to the most exciting gaming experience. Below are some of the features available in Bowling King Mod Apk 2019.

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Battle Bowling with many players around the world

If you get bored and feel less challenged, users can compete with players from all over the world online and in real time.

Many game modes

There are many game modes in Bowling King Mod Apk. In addition to the main mode, 1 vs 1 Play, users can also select tournament modes, where a number of players compete with each other in a match. There will be a elimination system so that only one champion gets many rewards.

However, for users who do not want to compete with other users, they can choose the Challenge mode and play on their own in the stages provided to earn points.

Various subjects

Users can change the appearance of the theme according to their preferences. The availability of many themes is intended to keep users from getting bored while playing this Apk Bowling game.

Some equipment can be customized

In this game, some equipment can be adapted, from bowling balls, pins to decals to adjust the speed of the ball. However, users have to pay to receive a customization.

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No need to worry, by downloading the Bowling King Mod apk for unlimited money, users can buy it without spending a single penny. Everything that is limited in this game can be enjoyed by downloading Bowling King unlimited all apk.

Can be connected to Facebook

Bowling King Facebook presents a different experience for users, not only can it be played via smartphone, but this game can be played by users on Facebook pages.

Download the latest version of Bowling King Mod for Android

As explained earlier, there are some limited features in Bowling King. To be able to open it, the user must first pay. But by downloading unlimited chips bowling apk mod Bowling King, you can enjoy all the locked functions for free.

Here is the download link for Bowling King apk

How to play Bowling King

For users who download the Bowling King apk for the first time for the latest version of Android, it can be confusing at first. However, this game tends to be intuitive where the user only needs to move and hold his finger down to lift the ball. Then move your finger up to throw the ball towards the pin.

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However, there are things that need attention. Do not move the ball left or right before lifting it because later the ball will slide immediately to slide. Usually the ball is lost and the player cannot hit. When the ball rolls, the player still has to recognize it. To hit, players can tilt their smartphone to the left or right to influence the direction of the ball.

This is a collection of information from the game Bowling King. If you are familiar, of course, it is not difficult to get a lot of points and earn the reward. What are you waiting for, just download the Bowling King apk and feel the thrill of bowling that is exciting and fun.

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