Cheap microphone with perfect quality

The FiFine K678 is a high quality USB microphone that looks a lot like this Yeti Nano from Blue microphone only at half price. The simple, white and red design of the packaging is proof of the manufacturer’s focus on what matters in the basic components of USB microphones. The package weighs more than a decent amount and is at the same time strange.

Visually, this microphone is very similar to the popular Blue Yeti and is surprisingly compact. It has a height of about 20.7 cm in combination with the base and about 12 cm inside. This means that the microphone can easily fit even on a small table. The base is triangular in shape, but rests on a resting edge.

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FiFine K678 review and details

Despite the relatively low price, everything in the FiFine K678 looks like it was printed from a mold. On the front, below the manufacturer’s logo, there is an LED that lights up green when the microphone is on and red when it is off. The mute button is located below it. At the back there are two knobs that allow us to adjust the connected volume separately.

Thanks to plug and play connectivity, this microphone is ready to use in seconds. Just plug the supplied cable into your computer or laptop and the microphone will be recognized and tuned. Under Windows 10, the volume level is set immediately to 91%. The maximum quality is preset at 16 bits and 48 kHz, so in theory you can start immediately without fine-tuning.

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The K678 is based on a cardio recording pattern and therefore records sound particularly well when located directly in front of the microphone. According to the manufacturer, the ideal distance is about 15-20 cm. While 50 cm or more is also easy to perform in tests, the results are also without causing an unsightly echo effect.

Finally, the FiFine K678 does not have to hide behind a much more expensive microphone in terms of sound quality. Mainly because you can get even more with a small change in the practical test. Although the manufacturer does not provide any accompanying software, it is quite good.

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