Complete Indonesian codes PS2, PC, Xbox 360 Cheat

Having trouble completing missions in the Bully game? See the complete PS2, PC and Xbox 360 Bully cheat codes for all of you!

For you a game player, of course the presence of cheat is no longer taboo. The use of rogue games is even a “common” thing among players.

Several game developers have also officially released game cheats to make the game easier for users. For example, Rockstar Game Studio released GTA V cheat codes, scammers for GTA San Andreas PS2, GTA San Andreas PC cheats on this Bully PS2 cheat code.

What is a Bully game?

Jimmy Hopkins character bully game

Rockstar Game Studio rightly ranks as the best open world game developer today.

Just look at the success of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game series, which still dominates the ranks of the best PC, PS2, PS3 and Xbox games.

Well, except for the GTA series. Rockstar Games has also released another unique game called Bully that has almost the same gameplay.

However, the difference between the two is that Bully takes the background of a school environment. Although the release time of this game is long. However, the game Bully still has many fans.

In this game you will play as a student named James “Jimmy” Hopkins who is forced to change school by his parents.

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At the beginning of the game, you will be harassed by the seniors to lower your self-esteem, so the main mission of the Bully game is to make you respected by all the people in the school.

Advantages of Bully game

As we discussed above. Game Bully is not a new game that has many modern features.

However, Bully game has a unique theme and interesting game that no other games have.

Where there are many of the latest games released today that have the theme of war and zombies with an idea that does not differ much.

How to activate Playstation 2 Bully Cheats

Before using the following cheat code, make sure you are using a functional PS stick. Here’s how to use Bully cheat on PS2:

  1. Plug the PS stick into the Playstation 2 port, if there is no PS stick, you can use a PC stick and just customize it Porther.
  2. Make sure the PS stick is properly connected
  3. Enter the Bully password correctly for the cheat to work

Code Cheat Bully PS2

Jimmy Hopkins against a student in a white shirt
  • All clothes: Tekan L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, L1, R1, R1
  • Fighting movement: Hold down L1 and press Up, Left, Down, Down, Triangle, Square, X, X
  • Fighting Move: Hold down L1 and press Up, Left, Bottom, Right, Triangle, Square, X, Round
  • Full Life / Health Restoration: Hold down L1 and press R2, R2, R2
  • Unlock all weapons: Hold down L1 and press Up, Up, Up, Up
  • Unlimited ammunition: Hold down L1 and press Up, Down, Up, Down
  • Add money: Hold down L1 and press Triangle, Square, Circle, X.
  • Charging ammunition: Hold down L1 and press Up, Up
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PC Bully Cheat Code using PS Stick

Here is the Bully PC password for those of you who play the game using a Playstation stick.

  • All fighting moves: Hold down LB and press Up, Left, Down, Down, Y, X, A, A
  • All battle moves: Hold down LB and press Up, Left, Bottom, Right, Y, X, A, B
  • Animal Rehabilitation: Hold down LB and press RT, RT, RT
  • All weapons: Hold down LB and press Up, Up, Up, Up
  • Unlimited ammunition: Hold down LB and press Up, Down, Up, Down
  • Add money: Hold down LB and press Y, X, B, A
  • Charging ammunition: Hold down LB and press X, X, X
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PC Bully Cheat Code using keyboard

Jimmy Hopkins rides a bicycle outside of school

Press Alt + Tab when the game starts. A console tab will then open and you will enter the following cheat code:

  • Maximum health : iskelof
  • Unlock all weapons : erasfg
  • It can not be caught : vwihdg
  • Super punch : ερσγρ
  • Everyone has crackers : dfqsbr
  • Make friends with everyone : palsgz
  • Get a girlfriend : dfglaf
  • Vehicle : λαλάζρ [1:10]

Code Cheat Xbox 360

  • Conquer all moves: Hold LB + up, left, down, right, Y, X, A, B
  • Conquer all the gym movements: Hold down LB + up, left, down, down, Y, X, A, A
  • Get weapons: Hold LB + Up, Up, Up, Up (DPAD)
  • Unlimited spheres: Hold down LB + up, down, up, down
  • Maximum spheres: Tahan LB + X, X, X
  • Unlimited money: Tahan LB + Y, X, B, A
  • Maximum blood: Tahan LB + RT, RT, RT

Well, this is the PS2, PC, XBOX 360 bully cheat we have compiled especially for you.

I hope it helps!


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