Devanagari Introduces Automatic Translation Machine, India’s First Image Application

New Delhi February 12 (Agency) Devanagari, the language translation machine of India at Shark Tank India, presents the machine translation machine that translates instantly with 85% + relative results. Devanagari also presented concerns about the reality TV show Shark Tank India, India’s first language image application. Devanagari co-founders Nakul and Himanshu said – The Shark Tank is one of the many steps we can take to make our vision a reality.

February 12, 2022: Shark Tank is the new craze of Indian reality for all the right reasons. Talented people and several start-up brands found exciting ideas here. One of them is Devanagari, the translation machine of the language of India. At Shark Tank India, Devanagari presents the machine translation machine that translates instantly with 85% + relative results. Devanagari also introduced Pratimamb, India’s first language image application. He even invited CEO Piyush Bansal, one of the sharks and co-founder of Lenskart, to use the app and see the content in the language of his choice. Shark praised his vision to make content accessible to all and received funding. Devanagari, through AI-powered human intelligence, translates a million words a day. The spiritual son of Nakul Kundra and Himanshu Sharma, Devanagari was founded with the vision of making content accessible to all and bridging language barriers by building strong relationships with over one billion Indians in their Go languages.

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A recent Google study found that 98 percent of Indian Internet users have access to the Internet either exclusively or in Hindi along with English. 45 percent of local language users prefer to access content in local languages ​​only. 63 percent of local language users would like to study exclusively in local languages. It reflects the potential and expectations of indigenous content in the Indian context.

The Devanagari platform combines artificial intelligence and human-based translation with machine learning. They are powered by Kutumbh, a community of 5000+ native speakers and translators who can translate up to 5 times faster, cheaper and more accurately. The company plans to put Indian languages ​​on a single platform.
Speaking about the need for a seamless translation service, Himanshu Sharma, co-founder, Devanagari says, “With more than 1,200 dialects and 22 local languages, India has a huge market for language translation. With Devanagari, we aim to help brands and people reach a wider audience. “

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He has already helped some of the renowned e-commerce companies, BFSI and Ed-tech, communicate with their audiences in local languages. Devanagari also raised $ 600,000 from Venture Catalyst, Inflection Point Ventures and other co-investors.

Nakul Kundra, co-founder of Devanagari, said: “There is an urgent need for Indian language content to be available on the Internet so that people of all geographies can reach out and talk. We want to scale our business to attract B2B customers and enable them to create more local content to reach end users in Tier II and Tier III cities.

Today, as India moves towards local adaptation, Devanagari undoubtedly has a huge scope to expand into BFSI, Ed-Tech, OTT, e-commerce and many other industries and help them reach their target audience. Most importantly, they can help the people of India stay more connected, making India a truly Ek Bharat link, Shreshtha Bharat.

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About Devanagari:

Devanagari uses machine translation technology along with artificial intelligence and human intelligence to help names and individuals translate content into various Indian languages ​​and build deeper relationships with their audiences. Their mission is to make content and information accessible to Indian citizens from different parts of the country.
You can contact us for the following information:
Devanagari AI Private Limited
Phone- + 91- 9958104612 / + 91- 8600101606 / + 91- 9971579995
Email – [email protected] / [email protected]
To learn more about Devnagri, visit:

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