Download 8+ Livery BUSSID ALS HD, SHD, XHD, SDD, JB3 Latest 2020

Last collection BUSSID ALS HD, SHD, XHD, SDD, JB3 Livery 2020

Hello guys, welcome back to bus mania, who are definitely also fans of the Indonesian Bus Simulator game, which is one of mom’s favorite games because in this game mom can feel what it’s like to be a bus driver who His job is to wander the streets making a living for the family at home.

When we talk about the world of buses, it is certain that this type of transport is well known to bus lovers. Yes, it is the Inter-Sumatra bus or what we usually know by the abbreviation ALS. Although the name smells like Sumatra, in reality one of these PO buses does not only serve routes to the island of Sumatra, you know.

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Currently, ALS also has itineraries that can carry passengers to various cities on the island of Java. For example, to Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, etc. If the mania of the bus surely knows, you do not need to explain.

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Because this ALS has a very special feature in the visual appearance of its fleet, so definitely the fans of bus mania want to fly in the game BUSSID using the liveliness of the ALS bus to make it cooler and more attractive to passengers. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the ALS livery bus collection from the emakgaming collection below.

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Livery Collection BUSSID ALS All types of buses (HD, SHD, XHD, SDD, JB3)

Guys, mom has a collection of Livery ALS for different types of buses. Ranging from HD, SHD, XHD to SDD buses, I can give it to you. As the bus maniacs know, in real life ALS does not have a fleet that uses SDD buses or double-decker buses. But in the BUSSID game you can do it, guys!

Now go ahead, mom has separated the ALS bus collection based on the BUS type, guys, so you just need to download it by customizing the type of bus you use in the BUSSID game. Checkidot!

Livery ALS BUS HD (High Deck) By BlahBlohLivery Bussid ALS HD

Download Livery ALS HD

Livery ALS BUSSID SHD (Super High Deck) 1 By BlahBlohLivery Bussid ALS SHD 1

Download Livery ALS SHD – 1

Livery Bussid ALS SHD 2

Download Livery ALS SHD – 2

Livery Bussid ALS Srikandi SHD

Download Livery ALS SHD – 3 Srikandi

Download Livery ALS XHD Prime

Livery ALS BUSSID SDD (Super Double Decker) By BlahBlohLivery Bussid ALS Bimasena SDD

Download Livery ALS SDD

Livery ALS Bus JB3 By BlahBloh

Livery Bussid ALS JB3

Download Livery Bus JB3 (Jetbus 3)

Livery ALS Bus Legacy SR1 By BlahBloh Livery Bussid ALS Legacy SR1

Download the Livery Bus Legacy SR1

Livery ALS Travego

Download Livery ALS Travego

Okay guys, these are all for mom to share this time. See you in another interesting article, okay?

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