Download Twibbon Youth Pledge Memory

Download the Twibbon Collection to Celebrate Youth Oath Day and participate in the celebration of this historic event in 1928 in Indonesia.

Youth Promise Day, which falls on October 28, began in 1928. The Youth Commitment took place during the second youth conference, in the youth struggle for Indonesia’s independence. The promise given to Youth Pledge aims to stimulate the enthusiasm of young people to fight for the independence of our country, Indonesia.

To celebrate this historic event, let’s celebrate together and enliven social media by creating a twibbon with the theme of Youth Engagement Day. The following is not just new, selecting examples of 16 twibbon images with the Youth Pledge Day theme that you can select and add a photo of your face to share later on WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.

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Twibbon 16 Youth Pledge Day Collection

Here are 16 links to the Youth Pledge Day twibbon from the twibbon website. You can edit twibbon directly on the Twibbonize website through your mobile browser.

Twibbon Collection Youth Day Theme:

1. Twibbon from the news coverage >> Click / Open / Open here <
2. Twibbon by Faryanti Faryanti >> Click / Open / Open here <
3. Twibbon of Youth Pledge Day >> Click / Open / Open here <
4. Twibbon by Yusiko Djalius >> Click / Open / Open here <

5. Twibbon by Sigit Bayu Pamadi >> Click / Open / Open Here <
6. Twibbon by Alle Cumi >> Click / Open / Open here <
7. Twibbon By Bambang Wisanggeni >> Click / Open / Open here <
8. Twibbon by Bang Foreman >> Click / Open / Open here <

9. Twibbon by Yusiko Djalius >> Click / Open / Open Here <
10. Twibbon by Alfajrin Tan >> Click / Open / Open Here <
11. Twibbon by Faryanti Faryanti >> Click / Open / Open here <
12. Twibbon by Mas’ut S.Ag >> Click / Open / Open Here <

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13. Twibbon by Sugeng R. 007 >> Click / Open / Open Here <
14. Komari’s Twibbon >> Click / Open / Open here <
15. Twibbon by Endah Sarwo >> Click / Open / Open here <
16. Twibbon by Urup Project Purwokerto >> Click / Open / Open here <

How to edit and download Twibbon to celebrate Youth Engagement Day

The following is not just an easy way to create a twibbon for Youth Day directly from your Android or iOS smartphone:

  • Select and prepare the best face photo you want to use to make a twibbon. We recommend that you select photos with a vertical orientation.
  • After that, open the browser you usually use on your mobile phone and enter the address of the website
  • Once the twibbonize site is fully open, look for the “Youth Promise Day” theme. You can also click / open / open directly here:
  • Select the template you like, then select a photo
  • Upload the photo you selected and prepared earlier and adjust the position of the photo as you wish.
  • Press the button “Download” and the Youth Day celebration twibbon you created earlier will be automatically saved in your mobile phone collection.
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This is Link Download Twibbon Youth Oath Memory to celebrate the historic day of October 28, 1928. Now all you have to do is use the twibbon you created earlier in your Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media accounts.

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