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Immaku.com – This time the discussion is about Effective ways to open blocked websites what you need to know, just see the full information below.

Has it ever occurred to you when you open a website that is blocked by the ISPs we use, such as Indosat, XL, Telkomsel, Three, Telkom Speedy and so on.

When we are going to open a specific website, but suddenly it can not be opened and we are immediately directed to the pages Healthy Internet, Positive Internet, Good Internet, etc. Of course this will be very annoying for you.

Websites or sites that have been blocked by internet service providers in Indonesia are certainly not without reason. There are so many factors that make a site blocked or inaccessible.

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3 Ways to Open Blocked Websites

For those of you who are having trouble opening blocked sites, you can immediately listen to How to Open Blocked Sites below, which is as follows.

1. Use extensions (Add Ons) in the browser

The first way to open a blocked site is to use the Extensions (Add Ons) feature that we will install in the browser. The way this extension works will hide our real IP address and change it to a foreign IP address.

So it is as if we have access to the internet abroad and we will not be blocked by good internet, healthy internet and positive internet. Therefore, you must use the Mozilla or Chrome browser.

2. Use Google DNS

The third way is to use DNS from Google, this DNS has a number of digits that we will use later to replace the DNS network adapter we are using. See how you can open blocked sites using Google DNS.

  • First, open it Network adapter Click Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click the link you are currently using, and then click Properties -> double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) -> select Use the following DNS server addresses, and customize it. After that, visit the blocked site.

3. Free use of a web proxy server

The last is to take advantage of the service Web Proxy which is available on some sites for free. The way it works is also more or less the same with using a browser extension, later our IP address will change to an IP address abroad.

The trick is to open your browser and type in a Google search with the keyword “Web Proxy”, Several proxy server sites will appear that can be used for free.

Then open one of these sites, enter the url of the blocked site, and press Enter. Once all is done, you can now open the site.

The last word

Maybe this is all the information we can convey about the Effective Ways of Opening Blocked Websites, we hope the information shared by the administrator this time can be useful to all of you.

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