Electric bike: This bike runs 100 km for just 7 Rs. Get to know the features

Electric bike: Gasoline prices are skyrocketing in recent days. In such a situation, when one goes to buy a new car, one worries about both the price of gasoline and the purchase of a car.

Inflation is at its peak in recent days. Gasoline and diesel prices are skyrocketing. That’s why people nowadays are more concerned about rising gasoline prices than about buying a motorcycle. Ordinary people once dared to spend a heavy sum on a motorcycle, but the ever-increasing price of gasoline has blackened people’s foreheads. In such a situation, more and more people are turning to electric vehicles. Because of this, the trend towards Electric Vehicles has increased a lot lately.

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Currently, several car manufacturers are involved in the circulation of electric vehicles in the market, especially in the category of two-wheelers. While some veteran players are introducing new models to this segment, startups are not far behind. Hyderabad-based startup Atumobile Pvt Ltd has also launched its Electric Bike. Atumobile Pvt Ltd Autm 1.0 electric bikes start at Rs 74,999. (former exhibition space). You can book this bike in advance for just Rs 999. This bike is not only affordable for the common man, but it is also less expensive to ride.

How is this Autm 1.0 electric bike?

It is the most affordable cafe racer electric bike in the country, which is available throughout the country through the official website of the company. The company used a portable lithium-ion battery in this bike, which takes just 4 hours to fully charge. The company claims that this bike provides a range of up to 100 km with a single charge.

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The bike comes with a 2 year warranty along with the battery. Another feature of this bike is that you do not even need a driver’s license to ride it. In fact, the final speed of this bike has been reduced to a minimum. It has a 6 kg battery and only needs 1 power unit to fully charge. For which you will generally have to spend 6 to 7 rupees. In this sense, this bike will offer a range of up to 100 km in just 100 Rs.

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