Enjoy using EasyWP in Namecheap

Enjoy using EasyWP in Namecheap

Creating a website is not a quick and easy task, especially if you have to do it manually. For example, installing WordPress on a private virtual server or hosting. But now there are many services that provide automated features this way, one of which is EasyWP.

EasyWP was developed by Namecheap, a fast cloud-based WordPress web-building service that integrates directly with Namecheap accounts. So the installation of a domain, SSL, CDN can be done easily.

I have been using EasyWP for about 1 year, so I want to share my experience so far, from both advantages or disadvantages. Of course, this article is perfect for those of you who want to sign up for EasyWP.

Super fast WordPress site creation

From the beginning of the registration until the creation of the website, you only need more or less 10 minutes only after that the site is active and you can visit it for further management. And when the process is complete, the user will receive the login details via an email address.

So there is no need to create databases, configure, etc. because the process is fully automated. Therefore, users only have to wait and after that the site can be managed.

At the beginning of the creation, there are also several options available, for example installing plugins, theme selection, site name and more. If I think about it, it is almost the same as a feature automatic installer which is in cPanel, but the configuration is simpler in EasyWP.

Easy domain and SSL integration

At the time of creation, users are given the option to use a free subdomain, a domain from the namecheap, or a domain from another provider. Then I chose a subdomain by mistake, but obviously I can change it, because there is an option in the control panel.

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If you select a domain from Namecheap, the system will define it automatically Name server the DNS registration to be suitable for use in EasyWP. In the meantime, if you are using a domain from another service, further instructions for setting it up will appear.

Not just the sector, you know, but SSL Moreover CDN it can also be easily integrated without having to bother adjusting it manually.

Website Speed ​​Unquestionable

EasyWP claims that the service it provides is faster than other similar services. The meaning of the fastest here is the speed of the WordPress site that is created. But in my opinion, this speed difference is not very different, also known as limited millisecondswhich I think is imperceptible.

Why do EasyWP-generated websites load fast? This is because the site is on a well-controlled cloud server. In addition, if you add a CDN, the process of entering the site will definitely be even faster due to server support from the nearest country.

In my experience, the process of inserting a page into the EasyWP site without a page optimization add-on takes only about 1 second. Probably because EasyWP is designed to automate system optimization, for example add-on cache Default.

Available backup and restore functions

Every major change, of course, requires backup so that unwanted things do not happen. EasyWP has provided features backup or suggestions that are very easy to make. So that I no longer have to use other spare additives.

Backing up is very easy, you just need to go to the control panel in EasyWP and then to the section Backups, just fill in a description about the backup, for example “theme update”. And then just press the button Backup and it was done.

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The backup results will appear below it and there are options for downloading, deleting or even downloading.restore or reset it.

Some add-ons are not available for installation

Because some aspects of the site have been optimized, there is no need for other plugins, an example is add-on cache (W3 Total Cache, Super Cache, etc.). This is because features are available crypt 100% compatible default and strong.

There are many other add-ons that may not be installed due to conflict issues, but this is already listed on the Namecheap website. To learn more about unsupported add-ons, click here.

Hardly Never Concerned

Within 1 year of use, only problems appear 1 good course and lasted 30 minutes. So, at that moment, the site was suddenly out of reach (below). And after contacting the Namecheap support service, they knew about this problem and were working to resolve it.

This is the only problem I have with EasyWP. Unfortunately at that time I did not use any kind tracer to check the percentage operating time websites. But I’m sure the running time on my site is about 98%.

No hosting service provides 100% uptime, this is because nothing is perfect in this world. And an error can occur at any time, but how quickly the problem will occur depends on the service that will deal with it.

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Quick response support service

If it has been calculated so far, I have been using Namecheap for about 10 years to develop websites. And I also contacted the support service several times for certain needs, whether they arerenew hosting, domain, SSL configuration request and more.

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The average initial response is very fast, but sometimes the second response is a bit long, especially when you are checking something log on the site to find out what happened, you can wait about 10 minutes. But it did not matter as long as they finally answered with the expected answer.

Experience in communicating with support services may vary, but it also depends on the problem the user is facing. I usually communicate through live talk instead of doing ticket because you want a quick response and do not want to wait too long, unless the problem is with the payment, you have to ticket.

EasyWP provides trial access

Finally, everyone can try EasyWP before they start buying it. They provide access to a 30-day trial that I think is enough to discover the pros and cons of EasyWP on your own without having to worry about the future.

Everyone’s needs are sometimes different, so by trying it out for yourself, you will definitely be able to find out if EasyWP is suitable for use on the site that will be created later or not at all. It all depends on the user’s decision.

This is all about some reviews and also my experience using EasyWP over the last year. The rating I gave is 9/10, and I feel satisfied using this service. If you have any questions about EasyWP, I suggest contacting Namecheap Support for answers.

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