Everything you need to know about manual and automated testing

In manual testing, specialists perform manual testing without the use of automation tools. Manual testing is a basic type of testing.

However, in order to automate the testing of any application, you must first perform a series of tests manually. Manual testing requires considerable effort, but without it, we can not see if automation is possible in any way. One of the fundamental principles of testing states that 100% automation is impossible. Therefore, manual testing is necessary.

Myths about manual testing

Anyone can do a manual test

No, performing any type of test requires special knowledge and professional training.

– Automated testing is much more powerful

Full automation is impossible. Manual testing must also be used.

– Manual testing is easy

The test can be very difficult. Conducting tests to verify as many execution paths as possible using the minimum number of test cases requires serious analytical skills, so hiring one is the best option.

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Automated testing

It includes the use of special software (in addition to the one being tested) to monitor the execution of the test and compare the expected actual result of the program. This type of testing helps automate frequently repeated but necessary tasks to maximize test coverage.

Some test tasks, such as low-level regression tests, can be intensive and time-consuming if performed manually. Additionally, manual testing may not detect certain types of errors. In such cases, automation can save project team time and effort.

Once automated tests are created, they can be run again at any time and run quickly and accurately. Thus, if frequent testing is required, the importance of automation in simplifying project maintenance and reducing costs can hardly be overstated.

There are several main types of automated testing

– Code tests

Tests at the level of software modules, classes, and libraries (actually, automated unit tests).

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– Graphical user interface test

A special program (test automation framework) allows the creation of user events, e.g. mouse clicks and clicks, and monitor the program’s response to these events and whether it meets the specifications

– API automation test (application programming interface)

Interfaces intended for interaction with other programs or users are controlled. Usually, special frames are used.

To design automated tests, a QA specialist must have programming skills. Automated tests are complete programs designed for testing purposes only.

Manual and automated testing

Questions like “when?” “what?” and how? “automation should be done and if it should be done at all can always be answered by the Quality Assurance Team. Choosing the right components of an automation program will determine, to a large extent, the success of the test automation itself You should avoid automating code module testing that may change frequently.

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Manual testing versus automated testing

Both manual and automated tests can be used at different test levels and can also be part of other types and types of tests. Automation saves time, effort and money. Once an automated test can be performed over and over again with minimal effort. Almost any application can be controlled manually, while only fixed systems are worth automating. Automated testing is mainly used for regression.

Manual testing can be repetitive and boring. At the same time, automation can help prevent this – the computer will do everything for you.

Thus, in real projects, a combination of automated and manual software testing services is often used and the level of automation will depend on both the type of project and the specifics of the company’s production processes.

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