Fedtri Yahya reveals this Islamic kindergarten teacher says how much salary he earns. Not worth it – Awattt Syeikhhh Network

I can not imagine if the monthly salary is only 450 RM per month plus the cost of living is increasing today.

Recently, a well-known lawyer, Fedtri Yahya, uploaded a photo with a report of a kindergarten teacher report that caught the attention of many.

Through the partnership, people asked if it was normal to earn 450 RM a month in this growing economy.

According to the individual, he worked as a teacher in an Islamic kindergarten but the name of the kindergarten was not disclosed.

In another post, Fedtri tried to think carefully that the salary he was receiving was according to the number of students enrolled in kindergarten.

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After stepping up the partnership, Fedtri shared three more comments from kindergarten teachers who also revealed that their salaries were only RM 500 a month.

One of them, who is a regular kindergarten assistant, receives only a salary of RM 500.

The most amazing thing is that he has been working for almost 10 years, but he still earns only RM 500 a month because he does not have the courage and the channel to talk about his salary.

The revelation provoked a variety of reactions from Internet users who were shocked to learn that kindergarten teachers’ salaries are still low these days.

In fact, some have expressed regret for low-paid kindergarten teachers in terms of how to get on with their lives.

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At least some of them asked the kindergarten to report to the bad office. Internet users have said again, they may be working honestly, but if they are oppressed, they need justice.

SOURCE: Twitter Fedtri Yahya via Rotikaya

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