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About Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook Mod APK or Broad Game Fishing Hook is an offshore fishing ad game made by mobilix developer.
The gameplay of fishing hook mod Apk 2022 is easy, you only need to play with fishing rods such as fishing rods, hooks, bait, wheels and fishing rods.
In addition, our main task of course is to find fish to collect or sell with coins everywhere.
Unfortunately, the level or fish we fight in each Part is different. Although it can be dealt with in many ways, such as increasing damage, increasing power attack, increasing the percentage of missing fish, it requires coins.
Therefore, this time, we will share directly the mod fishing hook apk which you can download in this article.
But before you download the Mod Apk game, you must first know some of the full features below.


As we said, this Fishing Hook Mod Apk game has additional features that are very different and can not be found in the original game.
Believe me, after seeing for yourself some of the features of this Mod version of the Fishing Hook, we are sure you will switch to using the version we share.
Well, if you are curious, take a look at some of the features of Fishing Hook Mod.

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1. Unlimited money

The main resource that is widely used for the purchase of Rolls, Rods, baits, lines and the hook itself is the coins.
Thanks to the Fishing Hook Mod Apk Unlimited Coin function, we can buy all the equipment mentioned to increase the Attack, Level and adjust some of the fish in the High Level Map.

2. Unlimited M. Currency

In addition to the usual yellow coins, you will also be presented with the Unlimited M Coin feature used to purchase items such as boat upgrades, time capsules, xpx capsules, CoinX capsules, power increase, speed, S damage and also Line.
With Fishing Hook Mod APK Unlimited Coins M, then we can buy all the available items to make it possible to fight Fish faster.

3. Unlock all Aquatic Maps

You can open all the water maps starting from the Borneo Sea, the Mauritius Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Melaka Sea, the Coral Sea, the Bering Sea, the Caribbean, the North Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Florida Strait, Copacabana, Chesapeake, to the seas of high level wild angels.
Right, in order to be able to conquer all the fish in the waters mentioned, we suggest you level up with the water level earlier.

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4. Can be played offline

In the cheat version of the game fishing hook mod apk this time you can play it offline. This means that even without an internet network you will be able to play it.
This will definitely help us make it easier because we can open it and play it easily anytime and anywhere.

5. Automatic win (Get fish)

At the time of the strike, the fish usually escape or run for various reasons such as lack of strength or our level is still small, starting from the level of fishing equipment and also the level of the player.
However, we can make a mod apk level max fishing game so that we do not get lost with fish when there is tug of war.

6. Maximize fishing equipment

We can buy fishing equipment up to the highest level (Max.), Such as a 40-hook beam hook, a level 32 fishing rod with Star fishing rod specifications, level 32 spool, Star spools, level 32 Fluorocarbon thread and 32.
For the record, you can not buy fishing equipment directly at the Max Level 32. You can purchase all of these fishing gear from Level 1 to Level 32 in order.

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7. Various Fish Collection

With the waters all open it means that the opportunity to catch different species of fish will be wide open.
We can collect fish based on color, weight and water.
In fact, the mysterious fish from the mysterious map will be easily conquered during a Strike.

8. Unlimited fish bait

Some of the fish we put in the tank, of course, can be fed in the form of fish food called Seed.
We can buy this bait in the store. In fact, we can buy it to the maximum, because our currencies are unlimited.
Note: thanks to the Apk level max fishing mod indirectly thanks to the coins that do not run out, we can unlock all the gear and equipment in this game.

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