Givenchy presents new “monumental” and “graffiti” patterns for the Marshmallow – Genshindata sneaker line

As the summer season approaches, Givenchy aims to be two steps ahead with a release of the latest additions to the Marshmallow sneaker line. And as a result, a new “huge” fashion sneaker and a brand new “Graffiti” fashion sandal were introduced.

The “huge” shoe comes in white, beige and brown color scattered with a sophisticated camouflage photo that wraps around the full shoe. Maintaining the long-lasting design of the Mallow product line, the sneaker still contains a lace-less method and is made of rubber.

The comfortable, round opening at the ankle allows the insertion of the foot, while the shoe fits like a sock and has a grooved outsole with a raised “G” mark placed on the bottom of the shoe. In addition, the brand new sandals are also rubber products and include a graffiti impressed from the 80’s with details all over the shoe.

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Featuring the brand’s “Givenchy” embossed signature on the back of the sandal, the brand new arrival has an upturned toe section with a protective entry panel. The heel and ankle are uncovered for summer comfort and the cream color allows the wooded area to stand out the green, crimson, blue and black graffiti labels.

The sandal costs $ 495 USD, while the sneaker costs $ 750 USD – both can be found on the brand’s website.

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