Haruman Terbaik 2022, Yves Saint Laurent Free Eau De Parfum

Free! This wants to convey this iconic scent. It does not make sense what you can feel, think, do, Free Eau De Parfum opens space for you do. Sexy floral fragrance and cool combining the superiority of a male structure as well as a super-female soul. An explosion of Parisian elegance and liveliness in New York, inspired by the IFF Masters Perfumer, Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm.

Free Eau De Parfum is an inspiration for freestyle fern, a classic blend of men’s fragrances with lavender. Anne Flipo’s provocative act was to bend something considered masculine in the women’s perfume, as Yves Saint Laurent redesigned a tuxedo for women. For Libre, it personalizes the key ingredients fern to show off his liveliness with Diva Lavender from Provence.

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As Carlos Benaïm composed the most sensual Orange Blossom fragrance he had ever smelled, revealing the warmth of this sweet white flower, he immediately fell in love.

Vanilla from Madagascar and classic amber note, Grisalva, convey a feminine structure fern making the soul of the flora more concentrated.

After seven years and over 1500 variations to produce the perfect smell, Libre Eau De Parfum came from a conflict between the two special fragrances.

Experience an emotional outburst with the sexy temptation of orange blossoms and cool lavender. Enjoy freshness with neroli and tangerine. Feel the warmth of vanilla and amber. But all this is just a suggestion because you are free to interpret Free as you want.

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