“He is cute when he shouts the names of his mom and dad …” – Netizens

The video Nur Fatima Aisya is smart in mentioning the names of her mom and dad catches the attention of many. Wow, Fatima is wise. But take part when you say your own name that sounds cute !!

Nur Fatima Aisya is now over a year old and is now good at saying a few words. The latest on the Instagram account, Fatima’s video is already good at mentioning the names of her mother and father has caught the attention of many.

The video, which lasts a few seconds, shows Fazura asking Fatima what her mom and dad’s names are. Wah Fatima is already good at saying the names of her parents, Fattah and Fazura.

Fazura also asked for Fatima’s name and Fatima’s answer was to mention Nyamma’s name. Despite being asked many times, Fatima’s answer remained the same as Nyamma. Fatima’s glamorous name is funny, hehe.

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This collaboration has received over 10 thousand likes so far since it was uploaded. In addition, there is a video of Fatima mentioning her name and her father’s name, which was shared on Instagram by fans of the couple.

Let’s watch the following video:

Other videos shared:

In the comments section, many ger4m saw Fatima’s behavior which is already good at talking. Among the comments given:

“My God, he ‘s cute, you’re good at talking hehehehe, you’re a big baby Fatima .. you’re so cute, nyamma .. smart girl ..”

Look how affectionately Fatima looked at her dad. So cute. “The father is indeed the daughter’s first love and the eldest daughter will always have a special place in the father’s heart.”

“Pandainyaaa remembers the name of mom and dad .. nnt kt sklh the friend asked, is your mother Fazura? Fatima’s first love was her dad ..”.

“My God .. how wise you are .. Nyamma, Fattah, Fazura .. Fatima is a child who is wise and understands that mom asks and answers ..”

“Oh hurry, say dad er’s name yer .. Wise Fatima remember the name mom and dad laaa .. fortunately my son Fazoura ..”

“Nyamma’s sister is a great mom who is good at remembering dad’s mom’s name .. Yes Nyamma, Nyamma called Aunt Zura .. So smart Fatima ..”

“When he was older, he said to his girlfriend,” my mom Fazura “.. walawehhhh bestnya jd anak Fazura .. cute he shouted the name of his mom and dad ..”

Kids when they are good at talking it is really fun to have fun. After that, mom just handed Fatima a talk. May Nur Fatima Aisya grow up healthy and become a pious child. Amen.

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