Higgs Domino RP v1.80 Update Apk Mod N June 2022

Higgs domino rp has been updated to version 1.80 and has the best features, those of you who are still using the old version can now download a newer version.

Although not many updates are provided, it looks good and fixes bugs in the old version.

Want to know what the 1.80 version of the higgs domino will look like? See the reviews below

Higgs Domino RP v1.80 Update (Latest 2022)

Domino RP Version 1.80 was updated in February 2022 and you can now download it for free without ads.

There are various themes that this latest version has, here is a look at the 1.80 version of domino rp with different themes

Naruto theme

Naruto theme

The Naruto background (theme) for this domino game is ideal for you who love anime as well as for slot machine connoisseurs who can win real money.

Theme Black Edition

Theme Black Edition

This black background is effective a little intensely, good for you who really love dark colors.

Theme One Piece

Theme One Piece

Take a look at this one-piece anime theme, it’s good, it feels soft and it doesn’t look like a slot machine, even though it’s “game slot”That can make real money.

Original theme

Higgs Domino RP v1.80 Update

The original theme is a regular theme that you often play, of course this makes it easier for those of you who do not want to change the theme.

These are the various interesting topics that the latest version of the rp domino game has, so what are the features of the latest version? See the description below

Higgs Domino RP Update Features

There are many features that the new version of higgs domino rp has, but it still does not eliminate the nice features in the old version

  • You can log in to Facebook: At the moment it is very easy to log in to Facebook, not to go out anymore, of course this makes it easier for you to play because you are not just using a guest account.
  • Stay No Ads: Although it has been updated to the latest version, the ad-free feature still exists because that is its main advantage. “Higgs Domino Topbos
  • Auto X8 Speeder: feature x8 faster It is also still integrated into this latest version because you can speed up and slow down dominoes through this feature, guys. Therefore, this is also an important feature.
  • X8 Tapper Features: Auto click can load you more easily playing dominoes, this advantage is called x8tapper
  • Unlimited: Unlimited possibilities for coins and chips are also available in this latest version guys, so you do not have to worry about it
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Now for those of you looking forward to downloading the latest version of Higgs Domino, you can go to the admin link bajojo.id I give

Download Higgs Domino RP APK (Update)

Download Higgs Domino RP
Name Higgs Domino RP N1.80 X8 Speeder
Apk file size 105.24 MB
Application version N 1.80
Price Free
Link Download the latest version

You can download it from the link provided by the administrator, after that you can install it manually in the same way in the old version.

Reception updates available

Of course, many of you already know that there are many mini-games (slots) available in this game, so here are some of them

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1. Always

The appearance of the Panda in the Higgs Domino V1.80 seems simpler. While in the previous version there were signs left and right, in this latest version there are only two trees left and right.

The icons included in Panda look loose, no longer covered by characters as in previous versions. Although there is no frame, it is much safer and more comfortable to play

2. Duo Fu Kai

Duo Fu Cai in version 1.80 of Higgs Domino in a completely transparent font. This is different from the previous look. The outline of the icon in the middle of the Duo Fu Cai has been removed.

3. Wiping

On Fafafa skin, the white border is still there, and when you do a SPIN, all the symbols appear clearer, as if they were floating on a plane.

4. Jin Ji Bao Shi

A big change has taken place in the appearance of the Jinjibaoxi, which originally had an outer and inner frame, is now completely transparent. So it seems to be combined with all the features and pieces of the mattress.

5. Dragon

Dragon shows two more characters left and right. Although it still includes the previous function, it is easier to play.

6. Duofacai

For the four game rooms, the Duafucai load screen is a full screen with characters on the right. This site is designed to be very difficult to play

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7. Incredible fall

Appearance Return to the original view by first editing the fan icon, the house icon, and the One Peace character panda.

But the demands of the players were finally met in this new version. As the changes to Windfall Fortune seemed strange with the changes that were taking place,

8. Additional music

In the music section, there are two types of music that can be played in Domino version 1.80, namely Higgs Domino Island original music and One Peace music to choose from.

Advantages of the Higgs Domino RP version

Advantages of the Higgs Domino RP version
  • Comfortable: This application is very convenient to use because you will not find ads.
  • A man: For those of you who are scared if you use this app, you will catch a dangerous virus.
  • Scatter Script: To make the game more fun and enjoyable, these guys usually add a tool called Script Scatter to the system. Yes, I think it is very difficult to combine it.
  • No root required: But you have to stay calm because this application does not require root access at all. You can download, install and enjoy the game directly.
  • Unlimited money: The first benefit you get when using the Higgs Domino Rp app. is unlimited money.
  • Unlimited brands: The benefit you can get from using this app is unlimited chips.

Weaknesses of the Higgs Domino RP version

Weaknesses of the Higgs Domino RP version
  • Modified version: No guarantee of safety

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