History and how old is Moskov Mobile Legends (ML)?

Gemskul.com – Moskov is a Mobile Legends hero who plays Marksman. From the popularity of META Inspire, Moscow Mobile Legends become one of the Marksman heroes often used by Mobile Legends players. As a user, of course you need to know what the story is like and how old Moskov is in Mobile Legends.

In the story, Moskov is a wanderer who has a friend named Khaleed. The two combed the desert together until they were finally attacked by the Thornwolf tribe. The awakened Khufra must have defeated Moscow and Khalid’s army.

History and how old is Moskov Mobile Legends (MLBB)?

Kisan & How old is Moskov Mobile Legends (ML)?

Moskov was born into a Wildsand tribe northwest of Agelta. Like many other ancient tribes, they lived where they came from for generations, nomads living in peace and freedom. The young Moskov, the prince of the tribe, could not stand the very boring life. He often made adventures in the desert and during these adventures he met the prince of the Artha tribe, Khalid.

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It is said that Moskov was one of the next leaders of the quiet Wildsand tribe and was respected by many. He is very famous and knowledgeable in the use of spears when he fights, in addition his name began to appear in the public sphere after his fight in the Dhamu tournament. Since childhood, Moskov himself has won many great fighters. This made the Wildsand breed even more famous and respected than other breeds.

One day, the leader of the Tornwolf tribe felt uncomfortable with the existence of the Wildsand tribe. Eventually they started a tactic to end the Wildsand tribe when Moskov left them. The evil plan worked, the Wildsand house was destroyed by fire and all its members were killed so horribly that it made Moskov very angry and wanted to take revenge on the Tornwolf tribe.

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Influenced by overflowing emotions, Moskov also wanted to become stronger, but his emotions made him fall into the darkness of the Abyss of Shadow and instead become a vassal of the Queen of Destruction. Now he is just a warrior of darkness called The Spear of Quiescence.

So how old is Moskov’s hero in Mobile Legends? In this regard, unfortunately, Moonton as a developer did not mention the age of each of these heroes. However, we estimate that his current age is approx 25 years old.

Such reviews for, history and how old Moscow Mobile Legends?. It can be useful.

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