Hockey Canada Called to Answer Questions to Heritage Committee Next Month

The Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage has issued summonses for witnesses from Hockey Canada and the Canadian Hockey League to appear and requested emails and messages for hearings scheduled for July 26 and 27 as part of an inquiry into how Hockey Canada handled allegations of sexual assault.

Calls were also issued to attend former Canada Hockey Vice President of Risk Management Glenn McCardy, Nicole Mulligan of Sport Canada and representatives of the Canadian Hockey Championships.

Representatives from the third Canadian Hockey Investigator for the incident, the law firm Henein Hutchison LLP, were called as witnesses at the hearings. Minister for Sport Pascale St-Onge? and President of Hockey Canada BFL Canada Insurance Company Barry Lorenzetti. One lawmaker confirmed that witnesses should be present at the hearing, which is expected to take place in Ottawa and not a fictitious one.

The committee also requested that any non-disclosure agreements, with the names of the players and the claimant be made out, and copies of all communications between Hockey Canada and related teams and players, as well as all communications between Sport Canada and Hockey Canada. One MP confirmed that these communications would be related emails, texts and any correspondence in printed form.

The minutes of the Hockey Canada and the Hockey Canada Foundation were also requested, subject to a lawyer-client privilege, a court appeal privilege and a settlement privilege between June 2018 and June 23, 2022, all until Friday, July 15.

“We need to get to the bottom of how Hockey Canada handles sexual assault cases to better understand how it was handled,” said Peter Julian, an MP and member of the NDP committee. “Canadians are shocked to hear about this situation and want to see action taken to prevent it from happening again.

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“We want answers from Hockey Canada. We did not get any answers from Hockey Canada last time. “

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In particular, Julian said the commission wants to know how they handle two other ongoing investigations into sexual assault with members of Hockey Canada. In a statement Monday, Canadian hockey officials said they had not instructed players from the 2018 Junior World Team to take part in an investigation into allegations of sexual assault by a woman. They also stated during their testimony that Hockey Canada has had one to two complaints of sexual assault annually for the past five to six years.

The Heritage committee’s demands stemmed from a closed-door meeting Wednesday night over allegations that lasted two hours and 36 minutes.

“I think this is something that needs to be kept in mind,” Julian said after Wednesday’s meeting. “Hockey is one of our two national sports – it is something that Canadians are growing up with. We are very proud of our hockey players. We are very proud of the players who wear the Maple Leaf. We must ensure that there is a strict code of conduct. “And this is something that I think Hockey Canada has declined worryingly in recent years.”

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On Wednesday, the House of Commons unanimously approved a motion to call for an independent inquiry into the handling of Hockey Canada on allegations of sexual assault in June 2018.

As presented by Bloc Quebecois MP Sébastien Lemire, during the question-and-answer period, the investigation will examine the management of complaints from Hockey Canada, which came to light last month, and, as he said in French, “to understand whether “This was an isolated incident or if there were any shortcomings in the way Hockey Canada handled allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment and other forms of misconduct.”

Hockey Canada has been under control since late May, when news broke that a lawsuit had been filed against a woman who said she had been sexually assaulted by eight Canadian Hockey League players. In the lawsuit, which was filed April 20 in the Ontario Supreme Court in London, the woman says at least some of the players were part of the Canadian junior national team and the attack occurred in June 2018 following an Hockey Canada Foundation event.

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She has not recognized the players and wants to keep her own identity private. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Pascale St-Onge, Canada’s Minister of Sports, announced earlier on Wednesday the immediate freezing of state funding to Hockey Canada.

St-Onge said the funds would be released when Hockey Canada meets two conditions: it announces its report by third-party researchers in Henein and Hutchison and plans to implement changes. and become signatories in the office of the Sports Integrity Commissioner.

On Thursday, a representative of Hockey Canada issued a statement to Sportsnet when asked to respond to the freezing of government funding:

“Hockey Canada is aware that the Minister has set conditions regarding the funds that the organization receives from the federal government.

“Hockey Canada is deeply committed and actively working to cultivate a culture in our sport where everyone involved feels safe and that all Canadians can be proud of. We recognize that as leaders we need to do more – and we are committed to doing just that. “In the coming days and months, Canadians can expect to hear more about our work in this area.”

Government funding accounts for about 6% of Canada Hockey’s annual budget, which is about $ 7.8 million a year.

With files from Emily Sadler of Sportsnet

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