How to bet on cricket from India

Cricket Betting: India is the seventh largest country in the world with a huge diversity. While people have different religions, beliefs and cultures, there is one thing in common – everyone is obsessed with cricket. The country has won two World Cup titles, many other tournaments and has produced record-breaking cricket players. With such an incredible team, it is natural for Indians to feel a penchant for cricket as a sport.

The country has hosted various tournaments and has fantastic stadiums that are praised by cricket fans around the world. Many ICC leaders are also from India. Cricket is almost like a religion in India. While the whole country enjoys watching the sport, it is somewhat behind its counterparts such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa and Australia when it comes to betting and e-sports related to cricket.

The Indian constitution is clearly against gambling, but it does offer some relief. For example, government lotteries and horse racing betting are allowed. The central government has allowed state governments to enact their respective gambling laws.

This has allowed some states, such as Goa, to authorize land-based casinos. Despite the many conveniences in the rules and regulations, cricket betting is still banned in India. Unlike other gambling activities, this is taken rather seriously and is considered a criminal offense.

Is Cricket Betting Legal In India?

The short answer is “no”, but online cricket betting is legal.

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The Indian constitution and cricket have declared cricket betting illegal. There have been many cases where those found guilty have faced serious charges and significant prison terms. Under the Gambling Act of 1877, betting on results, visiting gambling houses, and operating casinos with registrations in India is illegal. The law remains the same. But there is a big flaw in this law that makes cricket betting legal.

The 1877 Public Gambling Act allows betting on skill games such as ramie. It also has no guidelines on online gambling or betting with a foreign agency. The lack of clarity in these two propositions has made online cricket betting legal.

Cricket betting in India using apps and websites

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most important cricket tournaments after the ICC World Cup. It received more than 400 million impressions from around the world. It is common knowledge among Indians that many bet during the IPL season. This is an illegal act and is punishable. But there are ways in which Indians can legally bet on their favorite teams.

There are two ways to do this – bet on non-cash merchandise or bet on gambling sites outside India.

Dineout is an Indian restaurant booking application that used the previous window to attract more downloads of its application. It allowed its users to bet on their favorite teams during the IPL and awarded them with special coupons and coupons. This was a gamble, but it was open because users used their Dineout points for bets and got the same. Since the money exchange did not take place, it was done openly in India.

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For real players, the latter option is more viable. If they wish to bet on cricket, they must comply with the following laws:

  • Gambling must be done online
  • Gambling activities should not affect or manipulate the outcome of the actual cricket match in any way
  • The casino must be a foreign entity not registered in India
  • Bets must be settled on Indian rupees

Even if players gamble on cricket online, they need to make sure their state has allowed it. Again, the central government has not banned online gambling, but has empowered state governments to do so. Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are some of the states that have also banned online gambling. If you live in any of these states, you can not bet on cricket, even online.

Cricket betting guide from India

Before you start betting online on cricket, you need to look for a reputable casino that ensures the security of your funds and also offers good bonuses. They must also offer bets on international matches. Some of the most promising online cricket betting platforms from India are:

  • Parimatch
  • Melbet
  • Betway
  • 4 rabet
  • Rajabets
  • 1 victory
  • 1xBet
  • Great
  • Lilibet
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The process of betting on cricket will depend on the casino of your choice, but these are some common steps you will find on all platforms. So you can start betting on cricket:

  • Find a reputable online casino
  • Create an account with them
  • Verify your details
  • Make a deposit in Indian rupees
  • Select the match in which you want to bet
  • To bet on odds, choose the team you think will win
  • You can also bet on ‘Strong Match’ and other highlights like most runs and wickets
  • Enter the amount you want to bet
  • Select “Place a bet”

After placing the bet, you must wait for the match to end to check if you have won or not.

Final verdict

Indian laws on gambling and betting are strict but have provided for online gambling. Placing cricket bets with an offline bettor can save you considerable time in prison, but you can legally place your bets online with an offshore casino.

Keep in mind that online cricket betting in India is legal as long as it is authorized by the state and your activities do not affect the outcome of the actual game.

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