How to change the Spotify playlist image on mobile and PC?

In this article, we will show you how to change the image of a Spotify playlist on Android, iPhone and laptop. When Spotify was first released, you had to use the desktop application to change the playlist covers, but it no longer requires that. Spotify playlist photos can be taken using the camera built into your Android device, or you can use an image on your device. You can also customize the main Spotify image using the Android app.

Quick reply to change your Spotify playlist image:

  • Tap the three vertical dots (menu icon) in a playlist, then select Edit Playlist> Change Image.
  • To use an image stored on your device, press Select photo or tap Capture a photo to take a new photo.
  • Click Use Photo and Save after selecting an existing or new image

How do you change the look of your Spotify Mobile playlist?

Using the Android Spotify app, you can update the cover image for any of your playlists so that you do not need a computer to perform this task. Changing a Spotify playlist image on your mobile is easy. you can either select an image from your device collection or take your own using the built-in camera.

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Spotify automatically changes the playlist images on all your devices when you make changes to one in the mobile app. You do not need to change it again in the desktop application or on any of your other devices.

Here are the steps to change a playlist cover image on Spotify for Android:

1. On your Android device, launch the Spotify app

2. Click in your library

3. Select a playlist from your library

4. Now click on ⋮ three vertical dots

How to change the spotify playlist image on an Android mobile phone

5. Click Edit Playlist

6. Click Change Image

7. Select a photo option to use an image stored on your phone

change the spotify pictuer playlist step 2

Note: Use the Take Photo option if you want to take a brand new photo now for the cover of your playlist.

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8. Click on the image you want to use

9. Press use photo

10. Click on Save

003_change-spotify-playlist-picture-on-android-5200214-6837005120504014adefc1bf9c264bdd (1)

How can I change the Spotify image on Android?

In addition to the ability to change the cover image for any melody in the Spotify playlist, you can also change the Spotify image on your Android phone without having to go back to the PC app. If you have not set your privacy settings, anyone can see the image associated with your profile.

Any image stored on your phone can be used for your Spotify photo or you can take a new photo.

Here’s how you can change the Spotify image on Android:

1. Open the Spotify app from your Android phone and click on the gear icon

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2. Click on Show profile

3. Click on Edit profile

How can I change the spotify playlist image on android

4. Press Changed photo

5. Press Choose a photo

Note: You can also click take a new photo to use any recent photo.

6. Press Allow. It will only appear if this is the first time you have given the app access to your photos.

005_change-spotify-playlist-picture-on-android-5200214-483bf2fa4bf0497fa3b3d2dada100635 (1)

7. Select the photo you want to use

8. Press Use the photo and then click on Save

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