How to choose the right glasses – The best optical tips

The glasses have gone through the correction of vision defects in personality expression. Here’s the best expert advice to find the framework that suits you.

  1. Spend plenty of time and try many different frames and brands. Do not hesitate to borrow the windows at home for a few days. You can try different glasses, even the unique ones like cat glasses. The more you choose, the less likely you are to make a mistake. But of course, do not be late because it may increase your doubts.
  2. Remember that the frame of the glasses should not be larger than the shape of the face. Focus on the style you have and what you want to express instead of thinking about the shape of your face.
  3. Keep in mind that size is just as important as the model. Whichever model you choose if you do not get the right size, you will regret it later.
  4. Avoid arches that hang a lot on the cheek. They can give a sad impression.
  5. Watch your eyebrows. An empirical rule is that they should not be seen in the glass.
  6. Choose a color for the frame that matches your own colors. Some people think that bright people should avoid black, or brightly marked arches, but it can be just the opposite.
  7. Also, think about how you live. You as a running coach should avoid a thick and heavy bow.
  8. Also, remember that the glasses should fit snugly. The arches should not slip on the nose or leave marks on the skin. The correct size of the arch above the nose is the key to not rushing down the arch.
  9. Flattering models
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Artistic round – the round plastic frame is a classic that will probably never disappear from the range of glass manufacturers. Overall, the classic models are in vogue right now.

Scandinavian design, with simple and straight shapes, is always popular. Consider whether you want a glossy or matte arch. It makes a big difference in the overall impression.

Female, slightly larger frames are popular. Those who dare choose both a large bow and an obvious color. The color of the frames is important. You can try it and see what suits you. Warm or cold colors? Light or dark? This year, the range of pale and light frames is large. Light blue, dirt pink, beige, light yellow or honey… a trend that goes hand in hand with a fairly raw and natural makeup trend. This in itself does not mean that the black and dark arches are out.

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Oval face glasses is popular right now. The shops are flooded with glasses. This applies to all types of materials and models.

Hexagonal and octagonal arches are a trend that has stopped. Here is a so-called octagon, octagon. The octagon is an intersection between the classic round and angular glasses shapes.

Pilot glasses are a classic, in recent years it is one of the most popular models of glasses. This model is a little different from the original – more compressed, not so much in the shape of a tear. Glasses hanging on the cheek can make the person wearing them look a little sad.

A keyhole tip is called this model when the bow at the root of the nose is keyhole shaped. On some noses, this model fits well, it is as if they are stuck and do not slip on the nose.

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