How to contact the XL call center 24 Hours of service via social media and applications

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XL is a company that operates in communication and network services, one of the largest in Indonesia, which they have trusted and has become one of the services used by the people of Indonesia from the first moment. An extended network with 4G, 3G and 2G speeds connects automatically.

XL has always provided affordable services and has become one of them brand images The first and largest private company in Indonesia, which now operates in partnership with other major Indonesian PTs, such as Grub Rajawali, NYNEX, AIF, Mitsu and XL, changed its company name from PT. Metropolitan Graha Lestari became P.T. Excelcomindo Pratama which immediately launched the service call center XL on October 8, 1996 and accepted GSM 900 MHz.

Because in 1996 XL was able to run the best service, XL was allowed to run again using a higher GSM 1800 MHz frequency than before, which had ISP and VolP services. Now, because it has received a license that makes people believe in using XL, in 2006 XL re-launched 3G services for smartphone who have not used other services.

Since 1997, service call center XL given the nickname often called pro XL and in 2004 changed to XL only. Previously, XL was a privately held company founded by Indonesian businessmen, in 2009 this company was acquired by Grub Axiata Berhad from Malaysia. And from then until now, XL has officially become the owner of a Malaysian businessman.

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You can enjoy postpaid services provided by XL via SMS, phone, internet and MMS. Especially with the low price that makes XL a reliable service in the hearts of the people and now XL operates in small villages on many islands, so that the XL network becomes smoother in different parts of Indonesia.

XL Call Center

If you have a complaint and want to contact call center XL provided free of charge and without being charged a penny, you can directly dial the 3-digit number XL, ie 817 or the CS XL number that you can call on your mobile and landline. Oh yes, if you contact CS XL, you will be charged a low fee.


Customer phones other than the above, and specifically:

Service XL call rates

Contact centre XL

Invoice according to the operator (0817-8017-707)

Centre XL 24 Jam (818)

Service Information or Complaints (817 / Rp500)

If you have network problems that you can not communicate with manually call center XLyou menDownload MyXL Application – Check Quota & Buy XL Packages which is an application that helps you control your credit, quota, phone numbers, XL network, various Internet packages and there are interesting bonuses that you can get through the application made by PT . XL Axiata tbk.

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If you can not menDownload MyXL application, but you want to check the quota and package list, you can call 818 which is toll free and you can only buy and ask for packages. If you have a complaint about XL Services, you can contact the CS Service or Customer Center at 817 which will cut your credit.

Customer service or CS often experience problems with downtime when you want to file a complaint. And, XL turns out to be following the moments you can not communicate call center XL manually, you are given an XL social media account and you canchattingone with CS and file all complaints!

Well, you can contact my official XL account at myXlCase or contact myXlCare via DM Twitter. You can do this when you have problems with internet errors, XL network errors, you can not call or you can not send SMS and other problems. In fact, CS XL responds more quickly to social media than by phone, which sometimes does not access XL services.

You have tried everything, but there is still no response from CS Center via social media and call center XL; The only way, you can visit the outlet directly nearest XL. If the socket is too far away, you can contact via live talk What you can do at XL is and search tool directly linked to CS.

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Wait a few minutes for your message to enter the XL Virtual Assistant named Maya, which will provide solutions and suggestions for your XL card service. Well, your message will be answered by Mbak Maya, who is responsible for managing problems submitted by XL users via live talk via website.

Obviously not just through the website or DM Twitter and call canter XL, you can also use other XL Axiata social media, namely:

Facebook XL: myXL which provides information on XL offers and products.

Instagram XL: @myXLIinfo that responds to user complaints and promotional information.

Youtube XL: myXLIinfo for information on offers, products, events and how to use XL services.

Line XL: @myXLIinfo

LinkedIn: PT. XL Axiata TbkI for informing PT employees. XL Axiata & Employees.

Therefore, if you do not have a social media account other than Google, you can contact the XL Client Center via email at [email protected] as well. However, for this, you have to wait a while because thousands of people enter the PT XL Axiata email. The fastest and hassle free way to save on social media accounts or call canter XL, You can go directly to the nearest XL outlet, you know.

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