How to design the perfect logo for Instagram

Instagram is a platform that has an annual reach of one billion users. By 2020, 90% of brands will appear on Instagram If you take into account the fashion industry, 96 percent of American brands are on Instagram. From the point of view of promoting your brand, not taking advantage of this huge number of followers is not a good idea. In the following article you will discover how to design an attractive image for Instagram.

What is a logo?

It is known that the LOGO in its translation from Greek refers to a name, symbol or trade mark. The logo was designed to ensure easy identification of the new trademark (trademark). The logo represents a graphic representation of the core of the business. Usually, a logo consists of an inscription and a mark (or just a registered one). If you have a professionally designed logo, there are many benefits to it.

ONE well-designed logo can help your business attract new customers as well as increase the trust and loyalty of your customers. The logo has a prominent place in the identity of your company.

There are three main types of logos:

  1. Images (with images from the activities of the company).
  2. Graphic (consists of abstract graphic elements).
  3. Text (text that reflects the activities of the company).

The most important elements of a lovely logo: design, sharpness, attractiveness, personalization of the perfect image and visibility, readability, simplicity, memorization or brightness.

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How to create an Instagram logo? Instagram

Businesses are increasingly involved in Instagram. This is why it is important to pay attention to and integrate the platform into your overall marketing plan. After its acquisition by Facebook, the application is constantly improving ad opening, algorithmic content display and development of analytics tools, etc.

It is a gradual process of integrating your brand into the lives of your customers, approaching them in the most direct way possible. This helps to create a positive emotional connection and ultimately builds a base of admirers who are genuinely interested in the content or product of your brand.

Which icon should be used to represent the logo?

It’s a great tool to grab the interest of your customers. They play an important role in helping people understand the purpose of the business. The logo, when made when chosen correctly, can help to improve the image of the brand and make it more unifying.


Make sure you choose an image that can help you associate your logo with that of your company. For example, icons depicting animals may be suitable for a veterinary clinic or airline, there are parts of an aircraft are wings and tail with a pixel design and the aircraft as a whole. There are indications of flight through fins or air currents. Birds are also loud. If the theme is non-specific and does not require specific elements, you can use abstract images.

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Conciseness and simplicity

Beware of icons that are too full of elements. Choose simple icons that can be created with just a few gestures. This way, the image will be complementary and will not overwhelm the logo.

The simplicity of colors

Avoid using excessive colors to create icons. You need to limit your choices to a few colors.


The icon should be practical and enjoyable when printed on products and outdoor advertisements. If the logo is too complex and multi-component, it could jeopardize the integrity and quality of the logo in scaling.

What font should I choose?

A well-chosen font can emphasize the advantages of your company image (and the brand you represent) However, an inappropriate and inappropriate font can create negative correlations and cause distrust among customers.

When choosing a font, you need to focus a lot on two things:


The font should be selected to ensure that the text is clear, does not blur and does not blur due to an inefficiently selected font. The text should be legible, even when resizing the logo.


The font must be in sync with the image. If the icon has thin lines, it is better not to cross the sea, otherwise it will look disproportionate. The theme is similar to the icon design. If the image is graphic, select the appropriate font design.

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How do you choose the colors?

Choosing the right color for your logo is vital, as colors have different correlations and meanings. This is the color that creates emotions and feelings in customers, so it is important to choose the color that is right for your company.

General tips to look out for when choosing a color palette:

  • There is no specific color for a particular industry However, some colors may be best suited for specific industries.
  • The colors can be mixed. Some brands like eBay, Google, NBC, Instagram prefer to use many colors. However, when combining many colors be careful. This is especially true for things like rainbows, butterflies. In addition, when a logo is based solely on text, it does not allow color stratification.
  • Different perceptions of colors are common in different cultures. For example, in Western cultures white represents peace and purity, while in China white symbolizes death. Therefore, if you are planning to expand into different markets, make sure that your company’s colors are perceived correctly in all cultures.

Well, we explained to you how to design an identity for Instagram. We wish you good luck in promoting your brand!

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