How to download free movies to iFlix using Android / iOS and PC

How to download movies to iFlix – Men-Download movies from Netflix, Iflix Apk, Genflix and HOOQ and the rest are nice and good because you can access the movies you have downloaded to your local storage.

Movies on Netflix, Iflix, Genflix and HOOQ are for flow only but with the help of the tricks that will be shared here at you can also download these movies to your device.

Tips on how to do it Download these movies on Netflix, Iflix, Genflix and HOOQ are very useful because you do not need a connection Internet whenever you want to watch movies or TV shows from iFlix or other service providers flow film.

There are many variations of movie services flow on the Internet. The ones that have been presented and enjoyed by the public today are Netflix, Genflix, iFlix and HOOQ.

All services movie stream Each of these has advantages and disadvantages, some only provide movie streaming services, others provide video streaming services flow for TV shows, anime, football, Korean dramas and more.

To enjoy all the services flow above of course we are required to have a connection Internet quickly. But what if we do not have login access? Internet? Or what if we want to watch movies online Offline?

This time we will discuss how Download movies and TV shows provided by the service flow such as Netflix, Iflix, Genflix and HOOQ.

How to download movies to iFlix using an Android / iOS phone

How to download movies to iflix

If you already have the iFlix application and already have an account. You can then shoot movies in iFlix and save them in the HP Gallery.

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How to download the latest movies to iFlix:

  1. Open the application iFlix on your phone.
  2. After that, look for the movie you want Download. Play the movie.
  3. After that, click on the icon Download displayed on the movie page.
  4. Then select the resolution or quality video There are 3 properties you can Download. That is, high, medium and low. Each of these properties has a different size.
  5. After selecting the resolution, click Start download then processing Download will start soon.
  6. Wait until the process Download Done.
  7. Post Download we can see the movie live Offline.

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How to download movies to iFlix using a computer

The second way is to use a computer with its help software in addition, ie iTube Studio. With software you can not onlyDownload movies on iFlix, but also on Netflix, Genflix and Hooq.

There are 2 ways toDownload movies on iFlix:

With the Paste URL function

  1. Install iTube Studio for Windows
  2. Download and install the iTube Studio for Windows application here.
  3. Download Movies and TV shows through features “Paste URL”
  4. The first way toDownload movie is to use the possibilities “paste URL”. The method is very easy, simple copy URL by the service provider flowthen click “paste URL” in the iTube application. Then wait for the process to complete.
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Through recording

  1. Download Movies and TV shows via »Sign up‘.
  2. This second method uses “Sign up‘. Open the menu Recordthen click the ‘button’Recordin the upper left corner.
  3. The application will then be converted video has been recorded
  4. Post video τέρ-Download or when the registration process is complete, the last step is conversion video in the desired format.
  5. Done… You have successfullyDownload movies from Netflix, Iflix, Genflix and HOOQ.

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This is the way Download movies through Netflix, Iflix, Genflix and HOOQ movie streaming services for online viewing Offline. And to-Download more movies, you have to sign up.

Why register? Here are the benefits of iFlix that can make you want to sign up.

Advantages of iFlix

As a movie service application flow. IFlix provides thousands of movies and TV shows. To support its users, iFlix also provides features download video.

feature Download This really helps users to watch their favorite movies without having to bother regulator. In addition, there are various other features such as Add and Follow.

Where with this feature the user can select the desired channel. Also, get movie suggestions based on the movie history you watched.

With features Addusers can add Channelmovies, TV series to Home. This can make it easier for users to avoid rediscovering the movies or TV shows they want to watch.

While the features Follow very useful to make it easier for users to follow watch list recommended by artist or influencer.

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How to sign up for iFlix

You usually have to pay around IDR 39,000 a month to be able to sign in to iFlix. Ή Rp. 32,000 per month if you sign up annually. Cheap enough right? do we have to go to the cinema every weekend?

Even so, iFlix will provide free use for 1 to 3 months for new users. Isn’t it wonderful? let’s just sign up for iFlix.

  1. The first step, you must have the application iFlix Apk on Android.
  2. After that open the application. Then do the process Connection as usual if you already have an iFlix account. If you do not have an account, you must first register. Or you can too Connection using a Facebook or Gmail account.
  3. If this is your first time subscribing to iFlix. You will then receive a free service for 1 to 3 months (depending on iFlix policy).
  4. After time trial Finally, you will be notified whether you will continue to subscribe to iFlix or not.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that, in order to enjoy thousands of movies on iFlix and download them to your HP or PC, so that you can enjoy them online, Offline You can register.

If not here’s a new product just for you! But again, you can Download movies on iFlix for free. It can be useful.

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