How To Get Rid Of Cell Phones Easily And Quickly – How To Get Rid Of Cell Phones Easily And Quickly – The term HP framing is definitely well known to gamers.

In fact, if it’s very nice to play the game for a long time, it often happens that the cell phone frames. So how do you fix the HP framework? see more in this article.

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You should know, many factors occur in Android smartphones when they suddenly freeze or frame. One of them is because the application runs very heavily and the device specifications are too low or include the old version.

How to overcome cell phone frames?

How To Get Rid Of Cell Phones Easily And Quickly

Here are some simple methods you can quickly apply to fix your Android framework, such as:

  1. Turn off the economy mode
    Keep in mind that the save feature will actually make the charge limit when used, but of course this is not allowed when playing games.

The activated power saving feature will definitely reduce the efficiency when processing data, so that the mobile phone absorbs more battery to compensate for the use for games.

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When one plays the game, it requires maximum performance, so there is no significant drag. Playing games will be more satisfying if there is no delay or interference from other places.

Therefore, disabling the save mode is very important for a player, so that all obstacles can be ignored and you have more flexibility in playing the games you like.

  1. Reboot HP
    Restarting or reloading the phone is necessary if you are experiencing framing. How to overcome this HP NGEFRAME can be done before the player takes action.

Usually, there are many applications running in the background before reloading, which will make gaming applications even slower.

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The key is to recharge to lighten the phone memory and run all the applications from the beginning so that they do not burden the phone.

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The restart method is also very easy by pressing the power button a little and 3 options will appear. Select Restart from the available options.

  1. Operating system update
    Some HP brands are usually updated automatically so that all applications are updated at a specific time. However, not infrequently they also need to be updated manually one by one.

Try to open some applications that have not been updated for a long time to get rid of the errors that actually interfere with the performance of the application.

Running this update can also make the application lighter when used and the emergence of new features that can benefit users.

This update also does not take long to run if the signal supports it. It would be better if you use a WiFi network to make this update faster and save a limit.

  1. Clear cache
    Cache is junk that must be removed to keep HP memory from running low. How to overcome this HP NGEFRAME should not be left alone because it has the potential to make the mobile phone slow.
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Thoroughly clear the cache in all phone applications, especially the most frequently used ones. The memory space will be lighter if you do this diligently.

If users feel lazy to clear the cache manually by opening applications one by one in the settings menu, then it can be done in another way.

Users can download cache cleaning apps that are automatically available in the Play Store. There are many applications that can be selected depending on the memory capacity.

  1. Delete useless applications
    On your mobile, of course, there are many applications that are actually rarely used and are not very useful. Delete the application so that it does not overfill the HP memory and of course it will make the HP performance more leverage.

This performance will also be felt when playing games. Definitely the term lag or something else will not sound if you have removed unnecessary applications.

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