How to Grow Bromeliads – Easy Balcon Gardening

While for some time the bromeliads were considered indoor plants for advanced or even experienced gardeners, this is not entirely true, as they can be easily planted in normal home conditions and cultivated by anyone with little experience. These flowers come in a variety of different textures and colors to allow you to choose the one that will excite you the most. Regardless of the type of bromeliads you hope to grow, this article will help you make it easy.



Cultivation of bromelides

Bromeliads are considered to be beautiful deciduous plants and need certain conditions to bloom. These conditions will vary depending on the type of genus you plant, but there are some rules you can follow to ensure they bloom at their best, no matter what. For example, you can make your plant grow at will by simply placing it in a clear plastic bag that is tightly closed around it with a ripe apple inside for up to 10 days at a time. Ethylene gas will feed the plant and help it grow.

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Although dirt is epiphytic, it can be grown in potting soil that drains quickly. To adjust it to the best possible soil conditions, it will be good to mix a mixture of 1/3 sand and 2/3 soil mixture based on peat. These flowers can also be placed on trunks and planks to grow. They will need to be watered consistently and often all year round.


Depending on the type, plants will tolerate different levels of light. For example, some plants will burn in full tropical sun, while others will thrive. It is a good general rule to remember that bromeliad plants are great in accessible areas such as bright windowsills where they are not exposed to direct sunlight. You will know if the bromeliads receive a lot of light if they turn yellow, while plants that have an elongated appearance or are dark green may not have enough light.

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These plants are drought tolerant, which is helpful, but if you can, keep the plant’s main cup full of water. If you choose to water the plant centrally in this way, it is important to rinse the central cup every now and then to get any salts that have accumulated from the plant. Otherwise, it is more than enough to water these plants through the soil, especially during the growing season.

Humidity and Temperature

Fortunately, bromeliads are quite tolerant of temperature fluctuations, but plants in warmer environments will need more moisture to be okay. Bromeliads usually prefer temperatures as high as 80 degrees and up to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not let them go below 40 degrees.

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By caring for the plants as described from beginning to end, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of these plants for future seasons.

How to grow dirt

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