Corona has taught us many things. One of the things that gave us and can be called a blessing is the means of online education. E-learning gave us hope at a time when uncertainty was all we knew. The course, conducted online or offline, has only one motivation or goal related to it, and that motivation is to make learning accessible to all.

E-learning has become possible as today, in a country like India, we do not have access to online learning or e-learning in geographical subdivisions, which was previously almost impossible. All credit goes to the combined efforts of our government and technology experts.

One of the most impressive things a crown has taught us is to depend on ourselves.

Yes, since we have access to e-learning and its practices, we have specific control over ourselves, as we are no longer responsible for our actions and pace, other than ourselves. We all already know about the different benefits of e-learning. We want to emphasize again some of its benefits, which will help you make the right choices.

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Benefits of e-learning

Personalized learning

Through LMS portals organized by the schools, it has become easy for us to maintain our studies at a pace that we would be more comfortable with. In fact, with the introduction of online courses, students are slowly but surely learning time management skills.

Affordable and accessible to all

The second advantage or advantage of e-learning is that it is very accessible for students of different geographical areas in India. India is a huge country. we have rich and poor here. Resources for them earlier were varied, because quality education was only for students living in urban areas. However, the concept of the Internet has made India a country where quality education is no longer limited to urban facilities.

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You may remember other benefits, but we will discuss how you can socialize in the online classroom.

Socialization or interaction is an essential aspect of a student’s life. is the first step to getting ready for work. you need to know how to interact and develop interpersonal skills.

Here are some ways in which we believe you can communicate or make friends while learning through e-learning.

Participate in online courses

Just because your teacher is liberal for you during class, does not mean that you will disrespect the course. You need to be actively involved in various activities, which will make you compatible enough to start a conversation and then lead you to make good friends.

Study groups

In this digital age, study groups can be made even outside of School management system. They can reconnect with digital technology tools and discuss things that will eventually lead them to conduct group studies.

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Join social groups

In addition to study groups, you can also participate in the social groups that are formed in each school and educational institution. Different literary clubs or sports clubs are organized to a level where your interaction will not be limited to your classroom. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


There are other methods, but we would like you to find them yourself. It will be more like an evaluation or activity for you, where you will be able to evaluate yourself in relation to your interpersonal and analytical skills. Share your thoughts with us and we would love to hear these wonderful experiences from our readers.

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