How To Make Money With A BRI Savings Book – Bank Rakyat Indonesia provides facilities to its customers so that they can withdraw money using a BRI savings bank. This method of withdrawing money is quite traditional, because in fact there are other alternatives, namely the use of ATMs. However, withdrawing money from a booklet is of course the main method for those of you who do not have an ATM card.

Even now, to make an ATM card, the company charges the customer a fee of 10,000 Rp. to make a card. And also the monthly charge will automatically deduct the customer balance for those who use the ATM. And if you withdraw money through an ATM that does not come from PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia, the customer will be charged a withdrawal fee of Rs 6500. each time you insert the card into the ATM.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average BRI savvy bank. Usually, companies do this to avoid ATM limits. Yes, because when you make money using an ATM, the amount is limited.

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Okay, for those of you who want to withdraw money directly from Bank Rakyat Indonesia’s office using the BRI booklet, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Bring the original Savings from PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia.
  • Prepare the original Identity Card.
  • Rp. 2000 for motorcycle parking if you are riding a motorcycle. ‘

How To Make Money With A BRI Savings Book

When these requirements are met, it is time to make money using savings. Here are the detailed steps for withdrawing money at the nearest BRI branch.

  1. Search for the nearest Bank Rakyat Indonesia branch from your current location!
  2. Bring the BRI booklet, the original KTP and the Rp 2000 to the nearest BRI branch!
  3. You will meet a security guard at the office. Explain the purpose and the purpose of your coming so that the guard does not suspect. “I want to get money with a booklet, sir”
  4. If the guard is a good person, then the guard will help guide. If the security guard does not direct you, you can simply get the queue number. Get the queue number to go to the checkout, do not go to Customer Service.
  5. Once you have received the queue number, it is time to pick up the cash withdrawal form next to where the queue number is received.
  6. Fill in the data in the form of your name, your account number registered in the BRI Savings Bank, the number of withdrawals you want to make and other data.
  7. Then sit in the designated queue position while waiting for your queue number to be dialed.
  8. When your queue number is dialed, go ahead and go straight to the indicated counter. Usually the speaker dials the queue number as well as the cashier number. For example, “queue A98 please go to checkout 2”. This means that if you keep the A98 queue number, you will have to go to checkout number two.
  9. Tell the cashier that you want to withdraw the amount you want. Of course, do not exceed the balance of the account.
  10. Submit the booklet, ID, queue number and cash withdrawal form you just received.
  11. Wait until the cashier processes your transaction and prepares your money.
  12. When the money is given by the cashiers, check the amount of money you received before leaving the office. The miscalculation after leaving the office is no longer the responsibility of the Bank.
  13. Then bring your KTP and booklet to the exit.
  14. After leaving the branch, do not forget to pay for parking if you park your motorcycle, usually the parking fee is 2000 Rp.
  15. After that, you can go home and use the money according to your needs.
  16. done
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Here are 16 ways to withdraw money using a BRI savings account that you need to know to disburse. Always keep your money safe when you are out of the office, because many criminal activities target people who withdraw money through banks.

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