How to Overcome the Samsung A52 & A52S 5G Battery That Runs Out Fast

For those of you who use Samsung A52 or A52 5G phones, you may feel that the battery life is relatively fast, although the capacity of this type of battery is quite large, ie 4500 mAh and it supports fast charging.

We have experienced such things ourselves, even though we bought this Samsung A52 from a new one, to answer why the A52 is running out quickly, maybe this article can help you. And the average A52 user complains about this fast battery drain issue after updating to Android 12.

For reasons we can quite understand, there are many features in this A52, one of which is the Always On Display function, the refresh rate of 120 Hz and many other features that drain the battery a lot. In addition, you should know that the more features in a mobile phone, the more battery power it will need.

To solve the problem of the Samsung A52 battery running out quickly, here are the repair options you can do:

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1. Reduce the refresh rate

The higher the refresh rate will automatically waste battery usage, by default the Samsung A52 sets the Refresh Rate to 120. Indeed, this setting will make the display better, but it will undoubtedly drain your battery quickly.

Therefore, change the A52 Refresh Rate setting to 60 Hz by default only. This will have an impact on your battery life.

For how to reduce this refresh rate, you can go to the menu:

  • Settings> Display> Smooth motion> Change High (120 Hz) Ke Low (60 Hz)
  • Choose Apply to save the settings.

2. Disable the “Always active display” feature.

Always On Display is a feature on mobile phones that allows you to customize the screen, as this function is also performed when your phone is in standby mode, which will indirectly drain your battery. ()

On its website, Samsung has already been informed that Always On Display will consume quite a large amount of battery power.

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Therefore, turn off Always On Display, if you do not need it, to see how to turn off Always On Display on Samsung, you can go to the menu:

Settings> Screen lock> Off Always on screen

3. Activate the Dark Mode function

The Samsung A52 already has a built-in dark mode, enabling this feature will save your battery life.

4. Avoid using cell phones under the Sun Board

In addition to warming up your phone, exposing your phone to the sun will also drain your phone’s battery.

5. Update the Operating System and Applications immediately

In many forums, Samsung has also reported that this problem of rapid battery drain is caused by system and application errors.

Errors in the operating system or applications are very likely to cause errors, and these errors can also drain your battery.

Therefore, make sure that the Samsung A52 is in the latest version of the operating system and applications.

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6. Cool the battery when it is hot

There are so many things that can cause a cell phone battery to heat up, such as using the battery when it is in the charger, exposure to sunlight, high ambient temperatures, and other triggers.

If you feel that your Samsung A52 is warming up, it is best to take a break on your phone for a while.

7. Charge the battery using normal mode (Personal experience)

The Smasung A52 / A52 5G has a fast charging feature set by default, from our personal experience, charging the battery in normal operation makes the battery feel more efficient and last longer. To do this, you can go to the menu:

Settings> Device and battery care> choose Battery> Other battery settings> Turn off fast charging.


Re-enable this fast charge feature when you need fast charging.

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