How To Post Long WhatsApp Status On WhatsApp

How To Post Long WhatsApp Status On WhatsApp

Friends, WhatsApp has become so prevalent in Pakistan that almost everyone has WhatsApp and what is the problem with WhatsApp? I will tell you today if you want to put the number status on your WhatsApp. If you have a status video and want to post a status for more than 30 seconds, you will also post a great status without any hassle. You will receive a complete description of how you can set more than 30 gy seconds of status at a time.

How To Post Long WhatsApp Status

How To Post Long WhatsApp Status?

If you also want to upload great statuses to your whatsapp and you do not receive it, then I will tell you how you can download your whatsapp statuses how are you in pakistan Through which you will be able to put the whole movie about your status every time. Tomorrow is like that. If you put WhatsApp status in your status in pieces, then it takes you time, but in response. I will tell you that if you post statuses through this app, it will automatically split into pieces and apply to WhatsApp statuses and you will not have to worry about time. You will save a lot of time with this application. There are many ways to download, but the one I will tell you is the easiest.

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How to put more than 30 second videos on your WhatsApp

Yes, your WhatsApp store is over 30 seconds but can not run at the same time. I tell you that if you can post quotes on your status on WhatsApp. If you put status on the form, then the whole movie will be posted on WhatsApp statuses, but I will tell you that your time will be lost, but the flaw I will point out will not be lost by evil, then you people will automatically receive the status WhatsApp in pieces at once.

How to use the application?

There are many ways to download this application before using it, but in the future I will show you an easy way. Now we will talk about how to use it. After downloading, open it. After openingIn today’s article I told you how you can easily upload large statements to WhatsApp., You need to give permission and then you can use it. All you have to do is upload the video to your own. The video will then automatically appear as tracks in your WhatsApp status.

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How to download the application?

By the way, there are many ways to download. The easiest way to tell people is that you can download quickly. This way you will see a download tomorrow. You will not be able to do the job as above in the download link, nor will you be able to do the job. Then you will also be able to change your WhatsApp status.

How to post long status on WhatsApp

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