How to reset the Epson L210 printer with the manual and application

How to reset the Epson L210 printer with the manual and application

Cara reset epson L210 printer – Hello friends of, shall we say it again? In this digital age, the need is growing. Especially in the field of printing used to print official letters in the office or private office. Therefore the need for a printer is necessary and important.

The printer we use most often is the Epson L210. Although printers are essential, there are still problems. Therefore, if the printer has a problem, we need to do some maintenance to get the printer back to normal.

Well right now FarisTekno will provide a solution that addresses the same problem. Let’s watch the discussion Cara Reset Printer Epson L210 as follows :

Cara Reset Printer Epson L210

When your printer has an error and only blinks and can not print. Then the solution is to reset the Epson L210 printer. Keep in mind that the way the Epson L210 printer is reset should not be careless, because if it is not correct it will add to your printer error.

Manual Cara Reset Printer Epson L210

  • The first way you can use it is to manually reset the Epson L120 printer. Here’s how you can do it:
  • The first step, if your printer is turned on, you must first turn it off with the power button.
  • Then unplug the power cord for 5 minutes.
  • Then reconnect it to the electrical terminal and turn on your printer again by pressing the power button.
  • Additionally, if your printer is turned on, press the power button and press and hold at the same time (the ink logo button) for 5 seconds, then release it.
  • Then repeat in the same way, and hold and release for 3 seconds.

Then wait a few minutes for your printer to turn on. If this method works, then the Epson L120 printer reset mode is successful and may work normally.

How to reset the blinking paper lamp of the Epson L210 printer

How to automatically reset the Epson L210 printer

For the second method, you can use the Epson L210 printer automatically reset using the Epson Adjustment Program and it is very easy with the first method. Come, without further ado, follow the instructions below:

  1. Step 1, be sure to download the Epson Adjustment Program here.
  2. In the second step, install the application and run it select the radio button.
  3. The third step, and then an application window will appear to determine the type of printer you will be using, ie select Epson L210.
  4. A list of printer functions will then appear and select the ink waste counter in the maintenance section and select the OK button.
  5. Then wait a few minutes, and then you will see the ink waste meter counter dialog page. And click the checklist in the counter section of the main pillow, and then click Check.
  6. The application will then calculate the total number of printer users for a while. Then the number will appear immediately. When it appears, check the main keyboard counter again and click prepare.
  7. Then wait a while. If successful, you will see a warning to shut down or restart the computer and the computer.
  8. Then turn off your printer first and turn on your computer again.
  9. If successful, your printer will not flash again and can be used again as before.

Well, how easy it is, why you need the printer. Therefore, the printer must be maintained so that it is always durable. So, the discussion on how to reset the Epson L210 printer. Hopefully it will be useful and add to your insight. Thanks

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