How to view our QR Gopay code easily and quickly

How to view the QR Gopay code

How to view the QR Gopay code – The QR code on Gopay is very important, because in general this QR code is often used when doing business with consumers.

For example, shopping in a supermarket because you can pay via Gopay by scanning the QR code.

But so far it seems that many Gojek users do not understand how to track the QR Gopay code themselves.

If one of these, then you can learn how to track Gopay QR code through the following article.

Easy steps to track QR Gopay code

When making a purchase at a merchant using Gopay, it is necessary to show the QR code at the checkout.

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After scanning the QR Gopay code, new business payment transactions can be made.

Initially, the Gojek program used a QR code to pay via Gopay, but now Gopay’s QR code has changed to a barcode.

So now you have to show the Gopay barcode at the checkout to pay.

Easy Steps to Track Gopay Barcode

The step of tracking Gopay barcodes is really quick and easy. Show the Gopay barcode at checkout to pay with your Gopay balance.

Here are the steps to track barcodes on Gopay:

  • Open the Gojek program and make sure you have enough Gopay balance to pay.
  • Click the Pay button with an up arrow icon to see the Gopay barcode, click the Use Password button.
  • Enter the Gopay pin because the Gopay barcode will exist and can give the barcode to the checkout.
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Easy steps to track QR Gopay code on GoBiz

If you are a business owner or merchant owner accepting payments via Gopay, then you can provide a QR code that will be scanned by consumers.

Here are the steps to follow QRIS Gopay for traders:

  • Open the GoBiz program and enter the Business Transactions menu, then press the QR button in the upper right corner.
  • There will be a QRIS code, you can ask loyal consumers to scan Gopay’s QR code to pay.
  • Once the scan is successful and the rest of Gopay is received, the business transaction using QR Gopay is over.
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These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use How to view the QR Gopay code which is already tax collector Summing up for all of you, we say it again. That’s all and thank you.

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