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The happy watching of UAAP women’s volleyball by Awra Briguela at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on June 21, 2022 ended in a nightmare after her expensive mobile phone was stolen without her knowing it.

According to Awra’s series of tweets, it seems that the way thieves work is to take pictures and when there is a commotion, they will attack.

What is even more shocking here is that he is not the only victim but many of them.

“End up with too many robbers at the same time and in the same place. “So, send a video, I feel like the thief was actually videotaped,” Aura pleaded.

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He said the comedian is ready to give a reward to any audience at MOA who can give him a video of the theft or can give details of who he is. In addition to his mobile phone, his cash was also confiscated.

“For anyone who had a video with me at MOA earlier after the match, send me the video because they stole my phone and my cash while a lot of people were taking pictures. PORT 218, thank you very much. “

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He reprimanded the thieves who, as he said, did not want to work properly so as not to steal more.

“My experience in the moa arena was very bad before, it was traumatic. the rude but naughty hand. “I do not want to work hard, it is very annoying and not pathetic.”

“The way they work is bad. There are so many people who take pictures and then when there is a riot, the cowards start stealing.”

It is said that Awra has locked this cp to prevent further use. He asked the thief to return it and give him more cash.

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“Again, to pick up the phone, come back because you will not really be able to use it. I will give you more cash when you return. The 5k I got then I will double it, you can promise me that I will not expose who you are. “There are a lot of important files on the phone,” Awra said.

At the time of writing, Awra has not announced whether its lost cell phone has been returned.

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